Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catching up

I had my little jewelry sale at the local Christmas Bazaar and made back half of what I had spent on beads and such. I found that the earrings were the most popular. I will put what I have left in the Craft Centre that opens here in the summer for the tourists and I will use up what beads I have left and make more earrings. I may have to dismantle some necklaces to make earrings because I am loathe to keep putting money into this unless I can be sure to at least cover my costs. A hobby is fine but I don't have the lifestyle to wear a lot of jewelry and nowhere to store it so I feel I must sell it unless I can give it away. Some have suggested selling it online but I don't think I am up to that and I think it would be complicated, at least the payment part.

Friday we had nearly 10 inches of snow and today another 10. We went out to church this morning because it has been a while since we have been able to go but had to leave early as the snow was coming down so fast we were concerned about getting home and I had to get some shopping first, I had very little in the 'fridge. We made it home okay,  but we did have one scary slide on the way.

I have a heap of people to get back to so I will be spending time emailing this evening. I downloaded Google Video and Chat last night to see how that works. I have tried MSN and Skype but they are not the best, it is probably the satellite connection. but I have to keep trying. The whole point of getting a web cam was to see the grandchildren once in a while but the picture keeps freezing up so it has been a waste of time so far.

I have been spending a fair bit of my usual computer time coaching hubby on the laptop. He knows nothing about computers so I have to step him through everything. He has been emailing relatives, checking out sites etc. but he needs constant help and he sometimes just clicks things, and keeps on clicking, because he thinks it is not loading, and then I have to get him out of the stew he has made. I am glad though that he is finally taking an interest in computers. I showed him how to play Spider Solitaire and now I can hardly get him off it. I had originally downloaded a cribbage game but he did not win as often as he thought he should and said the game must be fixed as his cards were always terrible. I tried to explain that they would be randomly selected but he wouldn't hear of it.

If I have not visited recently those are the reasons why. So hopefully I will pop over to your place sometime soon.


Clare Mansell said...

Hello Vic,

A fellow Canadian blogger and crafter too - glad we found each others blogs!

Ralston is a tiny village that houses the staff at CFB Suffield, but we are about 50km from Medicine Hat.

I will enjoy reading tales from someone experiencing a colder winter than us!


jmb said...

Ten inches already. Ugly Vic Grace. No wonder you want to get out of there to Mexico.

Amy said...

Oy, that snow driving can be so awful!! We've have our share of scary experiences over the years. Not fun at all.

You've done a beautiful job with your jewelry. I might not be as hard as you think to sell online - maybe take a look at the website Etsy that many crafters use. I know some jewelry makers have done so well on there that they've left their other jobs. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it in case you were interested.

Keep warm and safe!!

PS - I've made some blog changes including the name. Just thought I'd let you know in case you think you're at the wrong address :)

Jeni said...

Hey! If you recouped about half of your expenses the first time out with selling your jewelry, I'd say that's a pretty decent return then. Selling online -not that I've done that per se - by using PayPal, it does make the payment problems very workable. My daughter and son-in-law sell stuff -and buy too -via ebay/paypal and they've never had any problems. You probably have a paypal account too don't you from doing paid posts so that's half the battle then.
And 10 inches of snow? WOW! Better you than me. I'm definitely not in the mood for snow yet.

Karen said...

Our snow all melted today! How long till Mexico??

Tammy said...

We haven't gotten any snow yet in N.B. Knock on wood!!!