Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting ready for the Christmas Bazaar

I have been busy the last few days getting my beading offerings ready for the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday. Hubby made me some styrofoam plates and we wrapped them in black crepe and I have attached the jewellry to them. These are not great photos but give you the idea. I still have to put prices on them that is why there are spaces at the top of some.

DSC00532 DSC00536

Unfortunately since I started there seems to be a few others that have decided to make jewelry and they will be at the bazaar also so we will see whose is most popular. I hope I at least cover my costs otherwise I will have a lot of jewelery and no where to wear it.


silverneurotic said...

Have you considered selling them online?

Jeni said...

You know, that is a good suggestion there -try the online sales thing. I don't know if the "Etsy" online stores work with jewelry or not but I think Cafe Press does, probably a lot of others do this too. Hope you do well with the jewelry though at the bazaar as you have some really pretty products there.

jmb said...

I think they look lovely Vic and I hope you sell the whole lot. Good luck to you.

Cicero Sings said...

Copy Cats! I do hope yours sell well.

I tried the Christmas Craft thing once ... with my soap. We did it in a house with 3 presenters ... hardly anyone came but of those who came ... they mostly bought soap!

Tammy said...

Those are beautiful!