Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gone for a couple of days

We are leaving early tomorrow for Prince George because hubby has to have his hearing aids checked and I want to look for a couple of things for the grandsons for Christmas. I am looking for a Transformer for the eldest and bath toys for the youngest. I must admit I hate Christmas shopping as I never know what to buy. So I sent a plea for aid to my eldest son with request of exact orders of what to buy. He sent me pictures of the desired gifts so armed with a printed copy I will be checking out Zellers and Walmart and I dearly hope they will come through and I can find it easily.

I like to shop, don't get me wrong, but gift buying is not an enjoyable pass time for me I get so stressed about it. I would much rather give them a lump of money and let them get what they want or need. I don't quite know when I developed gift buying phobia but it is quite real to me.

We plan to stay overnight and eat out in a favourite restaurant called 'The Great Wall of China'. It has the biggest and best smorgasbord I have ever seen and not just Chinese food.

We will make our way home on Tuesday after stopping off at BCAA to check out getting proper insurance for going on our trip to Mexico. I don't expect to get back until late in the afternoon.

Of course now that hubby has been bitten by the computer bug I am taking the laptop with me so he can do his Bible study and play Spider Solotaire in the motel. He has been busy surfing this afternoon on fishing sites and what not. He is now referring to the laptop as his computer!

Yikes I have created a monster I can hardly get my hands on it now, luckily I have the desktop as well.


Cicero Sings said...

I hope you had shopping success! As for gifts ... some people are easy and others ... blank, blank, blank is my mind as I wander futilely about the stores.

I worried that you might be creating a monster ... getting hubby involved in the computer ... good thing you've got two!

Blossom said...

We lived in PG so I know exactly which restaurant you mean :)

My parents and grandmother give us money for the kids and let us shop on their behalf. We just write their names on the gifts :) They never know what to buy, and this way the kids gets things they will use and love. Maybe your family could try something similar to help reduce the stress for you?

The Insane Writer said...

LOL I think the only reason my hubby hasn't claimed my laptop is because he's afraid it will crash if he touches

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