Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pain in the neck

I have been teaching my husband how to use the computer and also a couple in the village who just hooked up to the internet. I have developed a crick in my neck from the angle I have been sitting while coaching them.

Also I have to admit I am not as long suffering as I used to be when I taught computers in a classroom. I know it is unfair of me but I have to explain myself over and over with simple things like signing in to Google. Maybe it really is harder for older folk to learn computers. I started on them in 1975 and have been using one just about every day since. Although I must admit I am rapidly falling behind in my knowledge as I have no one here that is particularly interested in them except to do the occasional search or email. It frustrates me when people can't appreciate what a fantastic tool a computer is.

I think my husband is catching on though and he has enjoyed Google Earth and is looking up all sorts of places in BC that we might consider moving to in the next couple of years since it looks even more certain now that the mine will be opening here by 2011, although I find it hard to believe with the economic downturn that they would push on with it at this time.

We have been using Google Chrome but it kept freezing up so I don't know if that is the browser or the laptop or Vista. So I moved him over to Firefox in the hopes it would improve. I started him off on Google Chrome because the interface is very minimalistic and I thought he would find it easier.

I have several browsers on my computer but I keep coming back to Firefox as my favorite but I find that on my desktop which has XP I do not get the new iGoogle page in Firefox 3 but I get it on IE7, Flock, and Opera . Doesn't make sense to me. On the laptop the new iGoogle page loads in Firefox but it has Vista but that should not make a difference. I have cleared my cache but still it is the older version of iGoogle. Not that I mind that much but I like to keep things the same if possible.

Anyway I seems to be doing more tutoring, fixing or getting people out of computer jams in the last few days than anything else, and I got another call this evening would I come down and help someone else in the village as their computer is saving things they don't want saved. How does that happen?

It is all a pain in the neck but I can't refuse people help there is no one else that I know of that can help them here. Oh well!


Cicero Sings said...

I've tried tutoring a couple of "older folk" and have discovered that I have no patience at ALL. I found that there seems to be little or no recall from steps gone over the day before. I think it is fear of the thing freezes them, gives them brain fade because these people are not dumb people.

Jeni said...

Nah, it's not just old people who have a fear of computers! My son, who is only 35, understands cars and engines, fine and dandy but put him in front of a computer and he is toast! But then, sometimes -even though I have worked around computers too for many years (started out doing data entry on a card punch system) I have a lot of difficulty understanding things if I try readng instructions -pertaining to computers, etc., whereas, if I am shown directly, I can grasp a lot more, easier -still not enough but at least a little more.
For you to keep being the Good Samaritan for your neighbors, friends, husband, just remember you'll get your reward down the road aways. Get a giant size tube of Ben Gar and instruct away!