Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are you getting the best search results

An easy way to know which of the three major search engines returns the best results try MySearchoff a site which shows your search in three separate displays. It seems Live Search and Google are about as fast as each other while Yahoo lags behind. Google usually has a larger number of results but since one generally doesn't look beyond the first few pages this doesn't matter much.  Live Search often gives better results on the first pages.

If you don't use Windows Internet Explorer you can still use Live Search in your favorite browser. I have put a link to it on my menu bar and I can access it easily. Lately I have found Google to be quite slow so I have been using Live Search instead and am quite impressed. I also downloaded Internet Explorer 8 which has some nice features but Google's toolbar is not yet compatible with it. I am looking forward to the new Firefox which is rumoured to have some great new features. I updated my Opera browser and Flock. I like to have them all as they each have features I like and as long as I have my Google Toolbar I can bookmark away wherever I am and find them on another browser. I use Google Notebook extensively to organize my bookmarks and take clippings from various web sites, another useful tool that I can find in any browser. I have it on my iGoogle page as well as on my Google toolbar.

My Page Rank seems to differ daily so that seems to be a feature that is not worth worrying about anymore, if you ever did. Unfortunately many of the blog posts for money advertisers do, although I have been there done that and don't bother any more. I heard Google is laying off a lot of its workers, I wonder if that is contributing to the few problems it has been having over the last few days. Gmail has been oh so slow to load and the iGoogle page has hung up a few times.

Well that is all the computing news I have for you today.

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I'm going to go see how my blogs stand on it. Thanks!