Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Can't let my muffins get cold

This image00333333cartoon is not far from the truth. I have taken to wearing a pair of pajama bottoms under my jeans even in the house. Even though we have the woods stove going full blast it is pretty chilly in here in the mornings. It was 16.5C (61F) in here this morning at about -16.5C (2F) outside. I like it a bit warmer inside so I popped out of bed this morning at 6 am and put more wood on the fire and flicked the coffee pot on and then went back and snuggled in bed with Santa.

There is a cold spot under my computer desk, the heat doesn't seem to get there and I find it a bit cold but I am too cheap to put on a little heater under there.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments of support for our looking around for a new home. As you have probably figured out we are not well to do, although we are better off than many people in the world so we are very grateful for what we do have. Therefore our choices of where to live are a tad limited. I have always said that should I find myself alone I could not stay here as just the daily upkeep of battling the snow and ice and keeping the grass down in the summer would be a bit much. Plus we are so far out that you have to pay so much to have someone come in to fix anything. Right now that is not a problem as hubby is a fixit man supreme and can tackle just about anything, but he might not always be around. Although I let that worry me he in fact is extremely fit, probably can out work many forty year olds and could well outlive me.


Tammy said...

The weather hear has been weird. It's been raining and way above freezing.

Anna said...

I hope you can find someplace you can afford, a little closer to things, and not so cold!

We used to heat with wood when I was growing up, and I remember being so cold. We could stand next to the stove, and the side next to the stove would be hot, but the other side would be cold. Brrrr!