Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pet for Christmas?

Good advice from our local Animal Rescue.

Christmas is nearly here with thoughts of the perfect gift. What to buy for that special person? Here are a few ideas for the animal lover. A book of animal stories is a gift that lasts. There is Dog or Cat Lover’s Companion which is a beautiful diary with pictures and a wealth of animal detail likely to fascinate even the most knowledgeable pet owner. An animal calendar is a prized present that gives pleasure the whole year through. Or a paid spay/neuter voucher to help spay/neuter the pet is a very thoughtful gift. An idea for the person who has everything - a donation to “Sponsor a pet” in the person’s name. This gift enhances the life of a homeless animal and gives a warm feeling of giving both to the person receiving the gift and the one giving the perfect gift. For the person that is thinking of a new pet, pet supplies are welcome gifts or a training video. A voucher from a local shelter or rescue for a pet of their choice after the rush of the holidays is an inspired gift. It is never a good idea to give a live puppy or kitten as a Christmas gift. The person who wants the animal should be the one to choose the new pet or have the new pet choose him. An animal is part of your life for 12 to 15 years and should be a serious undertaking. Sometimes what we think a person should have, is not what that person really wants. When a pet is lost thru death, the grieving process has to be dealt with before the introduction of a successor. If the time isn’t right, then the new pet is an interloper not a loved companion. Time heals, but everyone heals differently. Only the person grieving knows the right time for the new addition to his family.

Christmas is very stressful so it’s not a good time to introduce a new pet to the family. Pet supplies with a picture of the proposed animal and maybe a stuffed animal that looks like it could be under the tree. The live pet could arrive on Boxing Day when the hullabaloo dies down - to be the focus of the family. The new pet will be a part of the family for a long time so an extra day won’t hurt. The anticipation will be heightened by the wait while the new pet benefits from the quietened atmosphere. The perfect gift awaits you. Ensure your gift is thought out thoroughly before an animal’s life is at stake. Many unwanted pets end up in shelters and pounds after the holidays.


Tammy said...

I totally agree with you.

Gene Bach said...

Christmas is probably not such a great time to get a new pet for someone...unless you've REALLY done your homework before hand.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Hi Vic: So glad you stopped by to say hello to me in Texas.
I'm scrolling thru your blog and reading and looking at the beautiful pictures. Your world is so different than mine. That's why I love blogging and meeting people and seeing new places even if it's thru cyberspace. I've been to Alaska before, but never spent any time in Canada.
I totally agree with you on this about giving and receiving pets as gifts. I'm all for pet adoptions. Here is a link on our Libby that we adopted over 4 years ago.
She's been lots of fun.
When you come to Texas on your trip try and make it to San Antonio. The Riverwalk is a great place to see and of course the Alamo is just across the street.
In Houston you could do a tour down at NASA if your into space stuff. We spent spring break in Phoenix/Flagstaff AZ. It was beautiful. We loved every minute of it. Sounds like your upcoming trip will be lots of fun and you will see so much. If I can help in any way with info on your trip to TX I'll be glad to. I'm by no means an expert, but I can find out for you.


Berni said...
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Berni said...

Dog is barking next door all the time