Friday, January 30, 2009

All wore out

I have been creating blogs for each of the men so they can write their travel memoirs and I made each of them a Picasa account and set up slideshows on their blogs for their photos.

I have created a special account for the laptop using the new offline gmail, that came out a couple of days ago. This is so we can write our emails while offline and then as soon as we are online again gmail sends it on its way.

I had a bit of a hassle with offline gmail but I think I have it beat now. I put filters on all the incoming mail so the friend's mail that is forwarded from his acccount is red, mine that comes from the blog and other places as Vic Grace is green and our family mail is blue. The day before we leave I will tell each of the mail accounts to delete or archive the mail once it is forwarded to the laptop.

On top of that my desktop computer needs a new virus checker and I was in the process of downloading that when the power went out for four hours. So I am still hassling with that a bit as I could not get the activation key. I think I will be able to solve that tomorrow.

AND I have been answering all the plaintive calls from our friend on how do I do this or that on his computer along with hubby in the armchair behind me uttering similar requests.

No wonder I went to bed last night with a bad headache.


Jeni said...

Now, when you revive yourself and get some energy back, you can start working on the problems with my reader/blogger again! LOL It's still being hinky for me! Some folks who use reader, say my blog updates for them, some say it updates off and on and a few say it hasn't updated in months. Go figure!

Cicero Sings said...

Man, even in retirement one has to cram a lot of work in before they take off on holidays! Are you getting excited yet?

Joy in the Burbs... said...

You do need a vacation. That is a lot of stuff to figure out.


Danielle Says Hello said...

My goodness you have certainly been busy!!!!!

Gene Bach said...

Vic, you are going to be driving rith through here on better give me a call!

Jon Juane said...