Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fruit ripening dates

I found this little chart in a local newspaper on our travels over Christmas and thought it might be useful for someone, especially those who like to can.
Early Fruits Apples
Strawberries June 20-July 10 Transparent July 15
Raspberries July 10-July 31 Wealthy August 15
Sweet Cherries July 20-August 7 Sunrise August 20
Lapin Cherries August  5-August 20 Gravenstein August 25
Pie Cherries July 23-July 30 Tydeman September 1
Soft Fruits Gala September 7
Apricots July 20-August 12 Elstar September 10
Peaches August 1-September 15 McIntosh September 15
Plums August 15-September 15 Spartan October 1
Italian Prunes September 10 Red Delicious October 7
Pears Golden Delicious October 7
Flemish Beauty August 20 Jonagold October 10
Bartlett September 1 Rome Beauty October 15
D'Anjour September 30

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