Monday, January 26, 2009

Have you noticed food prices creeping up?

Foods from plant sourcesImage via WikipediaCanadian food prices have persistently escalated and are predicted to remain costlier in the coming months.
The cost of food rose 7.3% in 2008, inching up 0.3% in December for a fourteenth straight month of increase, Statistics Canada figures showed Friday. Marking the sharpest increase was the cost of fresh vegetables, which were 26.9% higher than in December last year. Other notable increases included a 18.9% rise in fruit prices, a 12.4% increase in bakery product prices, a 6% rise in the cost of dairy products and a 5.5% increase in meat prices.
Alia McMullen, Financial Post  Published: Friday, January 23, 2009

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Chrystal Ocean said...

"Have you noticed food prices creeping up?"

Heck, they've been at full gallop!

Chrystal Ocean said...

Er, expanding on my previous comment ...

The bread I used to buy - made by our local Thrifty Foods bakery - rose 40% in price over the last six months alone. Thanks to friend Daphne, who gave me her used bread maker, I now make my own now.

Rice, another staple of my low-income diet, also has risen by a substantial amount. So what to do? I don't buy brown rice anymore. Instead, it's white basmati rice. Which may seem odd because this rice expensive. However, it absorbs substantially more water than plain white long grain rice. That means it lasts for more than twice as many meals.

Tammy said...

Going to the grocery store scares me now. :o(

Skittles said...

Yes, I sure have! I opened a new jar of mayonnaise the other day and noticed the price on it was 65 cents higher than the jar I just finished.

I saw something on the news not too long ago. It was about how companies are attempting to fool the public by keeping products priced the same, but putting them in smaller packages.

They pointed out the much narrower and shorter cereal boxes. They also showed a jar of peanut butter that LOOKED the same as the old jars, but when they turned the jar over there was a scooped out shape in the plastic. Instead of being 32 ounces, it was now 28 ounces.

I checked my pantry and have a couple things like that.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I'm seeing it here in Texas too. The prices are creeping up. I'm using coupons when I can and shop the sales. Trying to cut back on convenience foods and stretching that dollar as far as I'm comfortable with right now. I'm sure I'll have to get tighter as the year goes on. I don't see it getting much better.
I'm going to plant more this spring in my little garden.