Monday, January 19, 2009

Heads or Tails - All (Should have been Feat or Feet but my mistake)

Skittles started a meme some time ago called Heads or Tails this week the theme is ALL. I had no idea what I was going to do but I finally had a brain wave.

As I mentioned earlier this week I was trying out different Note taking applications as Google Notebook is closing down and I had ALL my bookmarks and notes in there. I have tried several others and the hands down winner is Evernote.

evernote Evernote gives you a place online to store your notes but the most functionality comes if you download their free application onto your computer. This allows you access to ALL your notes even if you are not on the Internet. I downloaded it on both the desktop and the laptop. Now if I make a note in one it is synchronized on the web and on the other computer plus I can find it on Windows, or Mac, Firefox or any other browser.

The greatest thing is the search capability which will find any and ALL references to a word in your notes. For example I wanted to play some radio on my desktop today as we do not get good reception out here. So I just typed music and a link I had saved ages ago popped up to Musicovery which is a great place to listen to music of ALL types, styles and eras.

But I digress, Evernote lets you importheart scans and photographs also. I had some notes on the back cover of last year's day timer about women's heart attacks so I photographed it and put in Evernote. So here you see my scrawl saved for posterity.

The problem with this is reading my own writing of course.

You can use your phone, record audio take photos and send yourself reminder emails. For those who need to keep a record or receipt, or perhaps a business card a quick photo of them will put them on your Evernote, or maybe you would like to take a photo of a restaurant menu for future reference. I have put a copy of my prescriptions in there and ALL contacts I really want to keep in case I lose my address book or cannot load the laptop onto the internet to check my Gmail contact list. I had to transfer ALL my information from Google Notebooks so I selected each notebook I had created and sent a copy to Google Docs and then clipped it to Evernote so I have them ALL. There really wasn't that much rush as Google is not closing it down right away but I did not want to leave it until I came back from Mexico and find them ALL gone.

I tried to see if my Bible program could be used with it. I highlighted a verse copied it into Evernote with a note and tagged it with the book and topic, so that might prove useful. I think there are endless uses for this program.

So you see this post did turn out to be about ALL the stuff I have been doing on the Internet lately.

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Skittles said...

Sorry about the theme switch. I did it when I put up last week's sign-in. I realized some people might want to post about Inauguration Day here in the USA and it would have been really hard to do that with "All or Al."

That said, though... you finding Evernote and learning how to use it is surely a great feat!

As OCD as I am about things being orderly and in their own place, I'm not very organized with my paperwork.

I'm not very good when it comes to learning programs like Evernote, either. Too many drugs in the 70's maybe.. ;)

Anna said...

I say you just claim you were thinking way outside the box - like several thousand feet or something. (or blame Barb for changing the theme)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this, and I will have to look into Evernote. It sounds great.

I had forgotten all about Musicovery. thanks for the reminder!

anthonynorth said...

I'll have to check that out. Sounds good.

Hootin' Anni said...

I've heard so much good about Evernote.

Have a great HoT Tuesday.

Tumblewords: said...

Interesting - sounds like a good thing and I'll surely take a look at it - I've been using Google Notebook, too, and loving it. Darn, I'll miss it.

bundleocontradictions said...

I like the idea of those pens that transfer your notes via USB to a 'puter program. The geek in me really wants one!!

Misty Dawn said...

This sounds very, very useful! Thanks for the information Vic. I'm finding a lot of helpful and great things through your posts.

The Insane Writer said...

I think I will check evernote out. It sounds useful. I'm also going to visit the music link. I love music and it's a wonderful way to relax and inspire!!! Thank you for sharing your opinion!!!

Lisa - Life is Like a Box of Legos said...

I will definitely check out Evernote - I'm one who tends to make notes everywhere ... it would certainly be a monumental "feat" if I could get them all in one place and synchronized as well ... thanks as always for delivering new ideas directly and literally to my lap!

maggie's mind said...

Evernote sounds cool! I may have to check it out.

silverneurotic said...

I'm going to try Evernote out. It sounds like it could be pretty handy.

Tammy said...

I didn't even realize that the theme was changed until just now. I never check it until that day. I suppose I should though because it would give me more time to think of something to post.

Alice said...

WOW, thanks so much for this post, Vic. I am going to check it out... just as soon as I can fit that in, lol. It sounds fabulous.

jmb said...

Thanks for giving us so much information about this Vic Grace. I am so retarded computerwise I did not even use Google notebook but would paste stuff into an email and email it to myself. But then it was hard to find. Sometimes I would paste it into a word document but that seemed too formal. This sounds like just the ticket. Like very organized stickies.

I have downloaded it to my Dell and just have to figure out how to use it properly.

I like your idea of photographing something and putting it in too. I do that now when I go to a museum or gallery. Instead of writing notes about each thing I just swing the camera around as soon as I have taken a photo of whatever it is and snap its explanation board or notecard immediately afterwards so I know what goes with what. It has worked out brilliantly.