Saturday, January 17, 2009


I was planning to watch Obama's inauguration but my TV satellite dish cable was damaged due to ice falling off the roof but I have found a solution. A complete guide to all the events.

So hope that is helpful to someone else also. ReadWriteWeb where I found this information, or at least it downloaded its feed into my Google Reader is one of my favoured sites for keeping in touch with what is new and cool.

I have been busy the last few days finding a new note taking vehicle. I was chagrined, to say the least, that Google is going to fade out Google Notebook, where I have extensive bookmarks and notes. So I have been trying out several others. Clipmarks, Ubernote, Evernotes to name a few. At least Ubernotes lets me import my notebooks from Google and is relatively simple to use. Evernote is probably more useful in the long run but since it only allows 40MB a month free might limit some although it is only $5 a month for unlimited usage. I have tried Clipmarks before and never got into it.

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Danielle Says Hello said...

Clipmarks was more of a nuisance than a helping site. I never could figure it out. I haven't got past using the actual post it notes but one day I hope to become 'paperless' and be able to post notes on all the bookmarks I have...if only to remember why I have them (grin).