Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time to learn Globish and communicate worldwide

Globish allows you to communicate in English using only 1500 words and employs simple, but standard grammatical structure. One need only learn the pronunciation and spelling for 1500 words. Globish provides a tool for having a conversation anywhere in the world. It is a new form of English that is developing around the world, used by people for whom it is their second language.
Users must avoid humour, metaphor, abbreviation and anything else that can cause cross-cultural confusion and Globish is spoken slowly and in short sentences.
Don’t say Globish is the gateway to international conversation

Do say Globish helps you to talk to people from other countries
Experiments are already being held in Indian classrooms teaching Grade 3 children this international language. Denmark's business community is having discussions on the use of Globish for international trade. France has been resisting but its chief education minister sees the value of everyone being able to communicate in a lingua franca as Latin was for centuries.
The English Language can be extremely complicated if an English speaker or writer wants to show off all of its possibilities in words and structure to other English speakers. However, the form of English called Globish gives us a simpler, more universal tool to  communicate with more than 5 times as many people.
The simple goal of Globish is to reach only a common ground where everyone understands everyone else, everywhere in the world. It is estimated that within 20 years 76% of trade will be done in English.
How to talk the talk

Use only words in the Globish glossary
Keep sentences short
Repeat yourself
Avoid metaphors and colourful expressions
Avoid negative questions
Avoid all humour 
Avoid acronyms
Use gestures and visual aids

Available soon dictionaries and online lessons.


Joy in the Burbs... said...

You are so good to keep us up on the latest. This is pretty cool. I think it could work. Back to the Basics huh.


Jeni said...

Keep sentences short, huh? Well, I'm screwed right there! I don't think I've ever met a long sentence I didn't like.