Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dust balls and packing

I decided that it was no point dusting and vacuuming etc. when we will not be here for six weeks or so, so the dust is starting to collect. Of course the wood stove contributes to that largely. Hubby says he will be embarrassed if we have a break in and the thief sees the state the place is getting in. Ha Ha.

I have been sorting out what we need to take today, I know it is a bit early but I would rather not have any last minute surprises. I don't like surprises at any time, not even gifts.

I have to have everything ready by Saturday as Sunday is dedicated to getting the water blown out of the pipes and emptying the hot water heater etc. So I will put a large pan of water on the wood stove for Monday morning to dunk my head in, to make me feel like I have had a shower and to wake me up. I have to wash my hair every day as it has a life of its own and a thorough wetting is the only way to bring into submission.

I bought some ready made meat balls and hopefully I will have a bit of salad left to eat with them on Sunday night and then we can just throw the packaging away.

My husband just asked me if I am getting excited and he qualified the remark with "you rotten sod". That folks is an endearment from him. Do you think I will be scarred for life for the lack of romance?


Jeni said...

Boy, I had forgotten how close it is now till the time you leave on your trip! I'll betcha you are getting pretty excited about it all by now though, aren't you?
Hope you have safe travels to and fro!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Forget about the dust. It will be there when you get back.
I'm so excited for you and your journey to warmth.

I know what you mean about washing your hair. I have to wash mine every day too. I have no idea what happens during the night, but it is very scary.

You and Mr. Romantic have a great time.


jmb said...

You must be very excited Vic Grace. I hope you have a wonderful time if I don't get back this way before you go. I hope to hear all about your adventures soon.

Danielle Says Hello said...

Wow, so many preparations!! I know that my clothes always seem to suit me just fine until I have to put them together in a group and I'm .... oh my goodness I need a wardrobe rehab!!!!