Thursday, February 05, 2009

I need new clothes badly

Sorting out my clothes to go I really don't have much in the way of decent clothes to take. I don't need anything but jeans here and most of those are not new. I pulled out a few blouses and when I took a good look at them most are a bit worse for wear. I don't mean stained or missing buttons or anything just old. Since I get most of my clothes second hand anyway they are a little worn. Oh well I guess I won't be stunning anyone in Mexico with my wonderful wardrobe.

We have to go to a wedding in May on Vancouver Island, about a month after we get back. I will have to buy something for that and clothes shopping is something I hate. Maybe I can get something pretty in Mexico.

I snuck the iron in the back of the car as hubby will kick up about taking too much but I at least do not have to be creased for a month and there is no mention of one provided at our rental. We really are not taking much just one suitcase between us, an overnight bag between us, for when we stop in hotels, and my computer bag.


Cicero Sings said...

You are into the countdown (I keep thinking it is Saturday, I don't know why!). Knowing what to take and what not to take ... tricky business. We are pretty good at packing small. One never wears as much as one thinks they well. At least you can pack light things for warmer environs! D always says one can buy what they forget. I mean, what will you need but a swimsuit, a skirt, a pair of shorts and a couple of tee shirts? Flip flops.

I sure do hope you have one great time while you are away ... soaking up that much needed vitamin D etc etc. Perhaps, because we get to the coast quite often, I don't get the cabin fever here ... plus we do get a lot of sunshine over our area. Anyway, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Jeni said...

The only time I can really abide clothes shopping is when the stores have the really big after season sales -and when I say "really big" I mean lots of stock with really, really huge discounts.
I was lucky in the past week as I stumbled upon two sales -one at the nearby J.C.Penney's store where I got three pair of slacks, and a sweater for myself, along with two really cute knit tops for Mandy for her birthday for $41 buckaroonies and Tuesday, at the other moderate priced clothing place near here, I got myself a shirt -really sharp and 3 knit tops -all good brand names (Alfred Dunner, and the like) for a mere $27.00! I was ecstatic. Any other time, unless it is an absolute necessity -like a wedding maybe -I steer clear of the clothes shopping -avoid it like the plague!

Karen said...

I laughed about the iron - there's no doubt that you're a Brit!! I tend to pack lightly, and always end up with too much stuff anyway.

I hope you both have a really wonderful trip - you've waited a long time for it. I shall think of you basking in warmth as I sit on the tractor plowing snow. :)

Brenda said...

Dress code in touristy San Carlos is pretty lax so don't stress over it.
Maybe bring a skirt in case you want to go out for a nice dinner; but even that is not necessary in San Carlos.
Tourists tend to dress up less than the locals. Locals are almost always ironed neatly whereas the tourists are not.
Looking forward to meeting you.