Friday, February 27, 2009

Took the camera for a walk today

I went for a stroll today and took a few pictures of our immediate vicinity. I just love these flowers. All these scenes are only about 5 minutes away.

 DSC00598 DSC00596 DSC00599

DSC00606 DSC00557  DSC00560

We went out last evening to visit the couple who come down from our village each year. They have been coming down to San Carlos for 20 years so know a lot about the area. We spent this afternoon checking out other possible rentals for next year and then were invited by a woman from BC to join her for a drink at a local bar on the beach and together we watched the sunset, it was quite spectacular.

I had planned to publish this post this morning (Thursday) but the connection was lost at the coffee shop I was at so I am adding to it and hopefully i can get it published tomorrow or Saturday.

Yesterday when we were looking around for a place to rent we got chatting outside a store to a man from Colorado whoDSC00612 knew someone who wanted to rent his basement out, so we went to visit him today and discussed renting his place next year. Very nice, a recent widower looking to have the same people each year rent the basement of his rather luxurious home overlooking the bay. We worked out a reasonable deal and so it is all fixed for us to come down next year for 5 months. He even agreed to get WiFi, he said he had put it off and now he has reason to get it so it will be here next time we come. It is a sweet little apartment with a stupendous view and a nice little patio and lots of areas for me to walk plus the WiFi. I had told my husband that internet connection and a patio were my two big requests. After all I can`t be out in the hot sun all the time. I like to go when it is cooler first thing in the morning and for an evening walk but even now in February it is very hot in the middle of the day so I tend to stay out of the sun. I notice many on the women here have allowed their skin to become like leather and apart from not looking good it is so bad for the skin.

Interestingly enough these two men are both involved with a Christian organization called castawaykids which do building projects and so on for the locals here. Something my husband wanted to get into. The odds of finding someone involved in this just from stopping looking at a bulletin board like that is pretty remote I think, God does work little miracles along the way don`t you think. We were invited to join him at the local community church on Sunday and then go out to brunch. It is odd that we will probably be more involved here in San Carlos with a church than we are able to be in Canada due to the distance we have to travel to get to a church. So we have decided not to sell our place in Canada just leave it for part of the year. It would be unlikely that we would get enough for it to replace it without dipping into our savings and we think we will enjoy a Mexican winter more than another location to spend winter  in Canada. It was an either or decision.


Joy said...

The pictures are beautiful. I can tell you are enjoying this so much. Congratulations on finding a place to rent next year. That is awesome. I love how God can connect people. Sounds like a great place to relax, and also minister to others.
I'm so happy for you two.


Jeni said...

Loved the pictures you posted, Vic. Very pretty, indeed. The way the apartment you can rent next year fell into your lap though -WOW! Now that's really fantastic. And a five month rental with WiFi too makes it very much an offer you CAN'T refuse!

Cicero Sings said...

I'm so, so glad Mexico has worked out so well for you ... WiFi and all!

Maybe, after a couple of more winters, I'll want to do the same. So far, I'm not finding it too bad here.

Brenda said...

Glad you have a place fixed up for next winter.
The flowering bushes/trees in your picture are bouganvilleas.

Erin Slusher said...

Great photos. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for taking us all south of the border with you for the winter,


Erin Slusher

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your vacation. The bouganvilla's are beautiful. We can grow them here but they can't stand a freeze so we have ours in a big pot and over-winter in the greenhouse. Those are huge, ours aren't nearly that big. Your pictures are beautiful, I've never been to Mexico.

Skittles said...

Oh wow!!!! The beauty of this place! I wouldn't ever want to leave!