Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goals for the next few months

I have not felt like blogging much since we got back and not having the water on has been a little frustrating and slowing me down a bit. There is so much ice build up around the bottom of the trailer that it is a major undertaking to get at the pipes. I don't know how long we will have to wait for a good thaw.

I have several things I want to try to accomplish in the next few months. I hope they are realistic goals.

1. Learn some basic Spanish. I wish I knew someone who spoke it. I may learn it but understanding when someone talks back to me could be a problem.

2. Do some bead weaving, I want to make some dangly earrings with this method. I saw some Native American earrings I really liked and I thought I would try to do something similar but in other colours.

3. Make some wrap around skirts and possibly some tops to take to Mexico.. I thought I would make a reversible wrap around skirt with different patterns on each side so that would be two skirts for one and less packing. I might make some pants too with the same method. I had some trouble with my sewing machine, in that the thread would get tangled on the bottom side and then break so I have to try and fix that.

4. Finish a sweater I started eons ago but had to stop because of carpel tunnel, which is all better now and if I take it easy should be OK. It is in three colours, sage green, cream and blue. I knitted a cable in blue on a plain sage green background with cream ribbing on the edge. Doesn't sound great but it looks quite good. I only got the right front done when I had to pack it up and it peaks out from the bedroom cupboard once in a while and reminds me it is still there.

5. Last but not least and probably the most important really, is give this place a good spring cleaning. It is terrible what a wood stove does to a place. I pulled out our entertainment centre the day before yesterday and took everything off and you wouldn't believe the dust behind the TV. No wonder I have allergies. Yesterday I started on the kitchen cupboards, I got two done but today I thought it was time I got outside and cleaned the inside of the car up a bit. I wasn't out long as the wind was bitterly cold.

So I have been gainfully employed and no doubt will fall right back into blogging as the days go by.

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Violet said...

I like how you put the spring cleaning last on your list!

Jeni said...

The sweater sounds really pretty to me. The thread problems with the sewing machine -I think that's the tension that needs adjusted to correct that. Not sure, but for some reason I think that's how tension problems act. See if there is some instructions that came with the machine that gives pointers on correcting those things. House cleaning -ugh! Yesterday, Mandy got on a cleaning binge -in the kitchen -and did the stove. While she worked on the oven and stove top, I got the honors of the glass in the oven door. The neat thing about her cleaning the stove was an unexpected bonus though. My back burner on the right -a big burner -hasn't worked in months. But after Mandy took all the burners out, cleaned under them and all and then put it back together, shock of shocks, that back burner is now working again! A big hip hip hooray on that deal as we were thinking we'd have to buy another burner -again1

Liz said...

Those are fairly major goals! Good luck with them. Hope the water's back soon.

jmb said...

Too bad about the pipes.
I hope you had a great trip and it sounds as if you did, since you are planning to return next year by the sounds of it.
Good luck with the goals. I try not to have goals, but I do seem to have lists of things to do.