Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heads or Tails – Sea or See

The Gulf of California (highlighted)

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Skittles started a meme some time ago called Heads or Tails, this week the theme is Sea or See.

When we were in Mexico we could see the Sea of Cortez also called the Gulf of California from  our front door. We were sheltered by small islands so the water was relatively calm but it was not unusual to have very high waves on the other side of the islands between the mainland and the Baja Peninsula.

There is a great variety of creatures living in the Sea of Cortez and many migratory species visit there, for example the Humpback Whale, California Gray Whale, Killer Whale, Manta Ray and Leatherback Sea Turtle, and the world's largest animal, the Blue Whale. Also there have been sightings of the world’s largest fish the Whale Shark.Giant_pacific_manta We also saw Dolphins and Pelicans many times chasing the anchovy and sardine shoals offshore.

We saw a small Manta Ray but there are some very big ones and they give a horrible sting if you should stand on one when it is burrowed in the sand which it does in February to lay its eggs. We met two people who had been stung and it caused them quite a bit of suffering.

Renting a boat was too expensive for us but next time we go we are taking down hubby’s small zodiac and we will be out there in a sheltered area enjoying what the sea has to offer. We will not be going for anything big though.


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Skittles said...

This post gives me so many pleasant images and imaginings. I love the ocean!

Did you see some of those whales?? I know you said you didn't rent a boat, but I was wondering if you saw them from shore? If that's even possible.

My son and DIL swam with some rays while on a vacation cruise several years ago. They were huge, going by the pictures I saw.