Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Met another blogger

We connected with Brenda a fellow blogger and her husband on Monday. They moved down here, or at least a town nearby, four years ago and love it. They are from Alberta and don't miss the winters at all. It was lovely to meet another blogger. We sat and chatted for a while and they had lots of insights into living in Mexico. It was very enjoyable, thanks Brenda and Roy.

I am at the Marina this morning drinking coffee and typing this. It is always a hassle getting on the internet here as they change the password all the time and my laptop gets confused, or at least I do and it takes me my first coffee to get online.

So far I have not seen a cockroach, thank God, but we have had crickets visit us and last night a spider, the first one, not poisonous, which hubby dispatched promptly but we have a couple of geckos sharing our accommodation and that I don't mind as they eat bugs, not that there are many at this time of year. We also have an iguana living under a rock on the property but I have not been able to take a picture as it is too quick.

We attended church here on Sunday and it was four times the size of our church in Canada and very friendly, funny to see all the white heads, mostly all retirees, I guess we are joining the snowbirds now too.

I went for a walk early this morning before it gets too warm and then had a shower and now we will just take the day slowly and go for another walk this evening. We  bought giant shrimp for dinner last night a kilo or 2.2 lbs for $16 CAD or which is cheap. We will be able to have two meals out of that. These shrimp are almost as big as a small lobster or crayfish and absolutely wonderful. We find the food much cheaper here but there are many foods I have to find out what they are.

I absolutely must learn some Spanish, although many Mexicans do speak a little English it would be a lot easier if I spoke some Spanish. Hubby can't learn much as he can't hear probably, being deaf, and relies on me a lot in conversations even in English. To speak to him you don't realize that he is missing every third word and there is a bit of pride there on his part, which is foolish, I tell him.  He hates to repeat back what he thinks he heard to confirm  and that leads to some problems. He arranged to meet someone on Thursday at 8am now he is unsure maybe it was something else. It stretches my patience sometimes, I wish he would try and lip read but he feels he is too old now but I don't think it would be that difficult. Sometimes another's handicap becomes ones own. I figure somewhere along the line I must have prayed for patience and no it is getting tried somewhat. Don't think I don't love him dearly just get exasperated sometimes.

I must also have prayed for self control at some time in my life as keeping my diabetes in check through diet alone is hard, not that I indulge at any time, I am very strict with myself but foregoing all the things I would like to try is burdensome but I figure it is like being an alcoholic, I simply can't eat lots of things and that is the way it is. Even delicious things like papaya I have to measure in case I take too much. My father was an alcoholic  and I have seen how a life can been ruined through lack of self control.

Well that is all for now. I probably will be able to post a few more times until we leave on March 15. We decided to go straight home to Canada rather than do our USA tour which we had planned since we have to attend a wedding on Vancouver Island on May 1st, so we will only be home for a few weeks and then have to make the long trip to down to the lower mainland again. My eldest son, his wife and two boys will be there and my middle son so it will be a family visit as well although my youngest will be working  I hope, work has been difficult for him lately as he is in construction.

Well that is it for now. I am running out of time. Thanks everyone for keeping in touch via my blog. There are a few that have visited that I have not visited in return but when I get back to Canada I will take time to do so. 


Joy said...

How fun to meet a fellow blogger. Glad you enjoyed the church service.


Karen said...

Glad you're having such a nice time. Our road surface partially emerged from under the snow today!

silverneurotic said...

I was meant to go out with a fellow blogger this past weekend, but our plans fell through. I'm determined to meet at least one blogger this year though.

Brenda said...

We enjoyed meeting you also. Wish we had known that your husbands hearing was that bad when we were chatting, as I now realise that we weren't speaking slowly, clearly or directly facing him. Hope he understood some of what was said.
Enjoy the time you have left here.