Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our last few days

We are winding down now on our visit and are leaving on Sunday 15th and should be home by the 20th or 21st. There is apparently in a couple of feet of snow waiting in the driveway. We are returning by a different route and going straight up to Calgary, it looks as if it may be slightly shorter that way, we hope to cut off some of the travelling time and see two of my boys briefly.

It has cooled a little here the last few days and we had rain last night which has held the dust down, so not a bad thing.

A couple of little crises though. Hubby lost his credit card and we were really fortunate to track it back to a restaurant which had kept if for him. Meanwhile I have been unable to access our bank accounts in Canada with my laptop, so not sure what that is all about and finally we had trouble getting money from the local ATM machine so had to drive into the nearest town and try again. Fortunately my card worked but hubby's wouldn't. So we did get some money out after all but we learned a few things from that experience for next time. Always have a back up, so I will be opening another account in another bank, probably HSBC which is an international bank having branches in most cities in the world including down here.

I find the laptop is not as comfortable as the desktop for typing and may get myself a keyboard for it. I found out today that if you bring a desktop computer into Mexico you have to pay duty at the border but not for a laptop. Seems crazy to me.

We went back to the apartment we are renting today just to see what we may need to bring down next year. On the whole it is well fitted out but I will need to bring some additional cooking stuff as there was only a frying pan and two small pots, which maybe adequate for short stays but for five months it would be a challenge.

We have met so many great people down here many of them Canadians from BC.  Where we are staying we have neighbours from Sooke, BC and we have run into people from all over the province, in fact at church on Sunday the pastor asked if anyone was left in BC to put the lights out as 80% of his congregation in San Carlos was from BC. Between the Canadians and Americans they have contributed a great deal to San Carlos. Two fire engines, afive ambulances with American trained medical staff plus many other things. Of course it is for their benefit but also for the local Mexicans. There is such tremendous poverty here. The orphanage that is run by a couple from the church here, just took in a five year old girl who had been trying to look after her two younger siblings. They had been living in a box in a village nearby and I am sure they are not the only ones. Some of the men of the church have been putting up extra buildings so more children can be taken in. It is a small orphanage run by a Mexican couple but every little bit helps and there is a lot of generosity and time being contributed from the foreigners who visit here. Hubby has already talked to several men about being on a team to help with more construction next year. I am not sure what I will do, they need people to teach English as this opens up many more job opportunities for the locals so I may look into that although I hear that Mexican children are no better than Canadian and American kids these days as far as obedience and respect is concerned and I may be too old school British to tolerate that. If there is an opportunity to help adults that is more in my line.

I will try and get this posted tomorrow and a few emails off and it could be from Canada that I post again.


VioletSky said...

I know you've left already, but have a safe journey home. And a good visit with your sons.

michelle said...

You are probably at your home by now, with hopefully not much snow left in your drive way. Hope you had a good trip!

Zhu said...

Ah ah, a true Canadian escaping the cold in the winter!

Hi there, sorry to interrupt ;)

Just found your blog (I was looking for other Canadians) and I must say you live in a gorgeous place. I was looking at the pictures and wow... this is how a lot of people imagine Canada, a dream of wilderness!

Anyway, will be back for more. I'm always curious about how Canadians live, coast to coast ;) Enjoy your holidays, just came back myself!

Liz said...

It all sounds fantastic - the accommodation, the church, the orphanage projects, not to mention the place and the weather! - and as if things are falling into place well: God must have gone ahead of you!