Friday, April 24, 2009

Finished product

This is the skirt I made, a wrap around in  a linen blend. When I went to Smithers on Tuesday I picked up the T-shirt hoping I had bought the right shade and fortunately I had. I whipped up a necklace and earrings to go with it, so now I have a nice casual outfit for Mexico although should it get warm enough I probably will wear it here. 
Generally I have specific clothes for at home and some for going out and I always change back into my home clothes when I return from an outing.  Also ,when I remember, I wear an apron in the kitchen so my clothes usually last a long time. DSC00763
When I was in Smithers I went to a thrift store and found a skirt in the plus section which I cut down today and re-sewed to  fit me so I now have a new to me skirt that cost $2, much cheaper than buying new fabric although I did go to the fabric store and bought some more stuff on sale although I haven’t quite decided what I am going to do with it.  I don’t usually wear pink or blue but now my hair is starting to turn silver I decided to move away from my usual earthy tones.


Chrystal Ocean said...

That's lovely, Vic. Beautiful print.

Joy said...

Great job on the skirt. I love that you found something you liked and reconfigured it to fit you.
Very Smart.

I'm attempting to make a skirt right now. I've had to rip out the same seam twice. I can't believe I made the same mistake twice. :(

Thanks for showing us your creations.


Jeni said...

Loved the skirt and the matching shirt -good job on the color match there. As you know, I make aprons -or rather I have made lots of aprons but haven't been in much of a sewing mood for quite some time now. But I wear them almost all the time when I'm in the kitchen and at home, I rarely "dress-up" -just loll about in cutoffs and tee shirts or sweatpants and sweatshirts, depending on the temperatures. I think I need to start making adult sized bibs though to wear when I eat because it is inevitable that I will manage to spill/drop something on whatever shirt I am wearing and if it is a nice shirt, new or relatively so, light colored, etc., the odds of my spillage happening increase by leaps and bounds to the type of fabric! Frustrating, ya know. My girls tell me if I didn't have such a ready "shelf" that probably wouldn't happen. Smart alec kids!

Anna said...

I love that blue skirt. That is so pretty.