Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heads or Tails – Once upon a time

Skittles started a meme called Heads or Tails – today it is Tails and we have to start something with Once upon a time, well I am not a creative writer I have never been very good at that so I won’t tell any tales. However…
Once upon a time, this afternoon in fact, I saw an unusual sight, at least I have never seen this before. Every year about this time the Canada geese return and we see flocks winging their way north in a V shape, but today I saw the flocks join up from east, west, south and even turn round from their path north and return to join the others until there had to be about a thousand geese overhead milling about honking, very much like relations at a family reunion greeting each other.  They did not seem to be in a panic, just having a loud discussion, I wondered if  they were communicating about the wind as it was incredibly strong today, blowing everything about, maybe the geese were going to camp for the night and were deciding where they all could go, or they were deciding that they were going to fly high and travel above it. How wonderful it would be to be able to fly. I had dreams all the time as a child in which I could fly, I loved those dreams, I never have them now.


Joy said...

I'm sure it was all the women geese in the group telling the men geese which way to turn.


Skittles said...

To Joy: LOL! We all know men never ask for directions. :)

Ok.. now that I've commented on someone else's comment, I'll do my own..

I was noticing recently the v-shapes of geese so I can only imagine how cool it was to see such a large group of them!

Psst.. I just noticed the picture of the dog in your header. :)

Tumblewords: said...

I still want to fly! Nice post!