Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leaving at sunup for Vancouver, and murder update

We are driving down to the lower mainland tomorrow leaving as soon as we possibly can. We hope to get just outside Vancouver tomorrow evening and touch base with one of the daughters. Then on Friday morning take the ferry over to Vancouver Island. My oldest son, his wife and two sons and my middle son will join us on the ferry. We are all going to a wedding of an old friend in Qualicum Beach. While on the island we will visit the other daughter. So it will be a real family weekend although a bit rushed. We will leave hopefully after visiting our old church on Sunday and be back here on Monday, but the best plans as you know have a tendency to get sidelined. Unfortunately my youngest son is tied up at work, or maybe it is fortunate that he is because he has been having a hard time of it lately being in the construction industry.

Update on the local murder: it seems the son stabbed his stepfather because he refused to pay for the illegal drugs the son had purchased and had not been able to pay for. The son was being threatened by the people he had bought them from. I don't know if these people live in the village or not. The murderer is in custody but the police are still evident at the house. I wonder if they moved here to get away from drugs, what a terrible tragedy, I feel very sorry for the wife and mother in this situation.


Jeni said...

Hope you have a great time on your long weekend trip. You should stop by while on Qualicum Island and visit blogger friend, Smalltown RN.
That's a shame things got to that point with the murder in your village.
Travel safe now.

VioletSky said...

Have a great weekend - you'll have lots to catch up on!

Somehow, the drug angle doesn't surprise me. Though it still saddens me.

Joy said...

Have a fun time on your trip. I haven't been to a wedding in a long time.
So sad about the death. So senseless. I hate what drugs do to people.


Cicero Sings said...

Have a safe trip. D says the weather might start falling apart Saturday night at the coast ... so be fore-armed.

Drugs, they seem to be everywhere, even in the small towns.

Skittles said...

If nothing else, that sure is a catchy post title!

Have fun with your family. I'm sure it will be nice to get away from all the murder investigation goings on.