Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twitter is everywhere even on Everest

Gavin Bate, an Irish mountain climber, is climbing Mount Everest and recording his ascent to the world’s highest peak via Twitter.  Bate, who is climbing for his charity Moving Mountains, has been climbing Mount Everest for the past 37 days and has been tweeting updates, his coordinates, and links to his podcast from his climb. He’s also been posting updates to his blog.
It’s pretty amazing that Bate has managed to Tweet up there with the thin air and thick gloves. On his blog Bate writes that he’s had help breathing via bottled oxygen and he’s planning to take his laptop with him to Tweet for the summit. He also has been carrying an assortment of gadgets with him to connect him to the rest of the world, including a solar panel, video camera, telephone, laptop, satellite dish, camera, and a satellite tracking device.
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