Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vancouver leading the way in openess

Vancouver, BC's city government plan to discuss in next weeks council meeting the possibility of adopting open data, open standards and open source software for all its data and information needs. It is believed that new opportunities will be open to Vancouver with this new policy. Vancouver was recently named "Best City Archive of the World".

What does this mean for Vancouver

  1. More data can be distributed quicker than it is now
  2. Data will be available on the internet
  3. Data can freely be shared with the public at large
  4. Copyright will not be necessary
  5. Software developed by Vancouver may be used by other municipalities, businesses and the general public

Other cities like Toronto, Portland and Washington, DC, have expressed interest in adopting open policies for their information and data, but so far Vancouver is the only one to seek to implement it.

Hopefully Vancouver can become the world's first truly "open" city.

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