Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why did you choose your children's names

I was reading over at Joy in the Burbs and she asked why we chose our children's names. 

We called the first son Stephen James Leslie, first Stephen was for my ex-husband's favourite pop star Stevie Wonder but for me it was after a favourite cousin of mine. James was my maiden name and since my dad's name was Tudor I did not want to use that for my sons middle name, and lastly Leslie for my husband's father.

The second son was called David Alan, David because it was a good biblical name and Alan after my husband

The third son I wanted to call Michael, for no good reason really, but my husband liked Jesse, so we ended up calling him Jesse Michael, 


Jeni said...

Initially, I had thought I was going to name older daughter Elizabeth Joan -after my Dad's sister (Elizabeth) and my best friend, Joan. But my Mom's oldest brother died six weeks before daughter's birth and the day after my uncle died, we got word that the last of my Grandmother's siblings (Aunt Carrie) had also died then. So I started thinking of some way to kind of name my daughter, when she arrived, after my great-aunt, as well as my uncle. My Mom suggested "Ethelbert" as a way to name her after her older sister but that name didn't appeal to me at all. However, I did like the name "Carrie" so I ended up taking the "Carl" from my uncle's middle name, adding "yn" to it so it was sort of a cross between Carl and Carolyn and made "Carlyn" and gave her the nickname then of Carrie!
My son, I wanted to name David but his dad didn't want that and so, while reading through the baby names book one night, I happened to read "Clayton" and asked his opinion on that. Giving it a bit of thought, he decided if we named him Clayton, we could then call him "Clate" after a local well-known race car driver and I was happy just to reach an agreement on a name I liked. I don't remember now how we happened on the name Amanda for the younger girl, but there was no major drama with the selection and she isn't really named for anyone in particular -just a name we both liked.

Joy said...

I think you got quite a few good Biblical names in with your boys. Stephen, James, David and Michael.

Thanks for doing this post. I'm enjoying reading the story behind the name.


jmb said...

When my son was born he was the seventh grandson in my husband's family and they had used almost all the decent male names that I liked. However I did find one I liked and used one of theirs for his second name.

When I had my daughter it was a surprise so we had to scrabble. I thought her name was not too common but when she got to kindergarten there were five of them in her class!

Liz said...

Our third child was nameless for 6 weeks!