Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can’t argue with his logic

I was talking to my youngest son yesterday. I saw him pop up on Messenger so I called right away because he works away from home so often and doesn’t take his cell phone so I don’t often get the opportunity to talk to him and although he is faithful to call at Christmas, my birthday and Mother’s Day he forgets in between. So after reminding him that he is my youngest son and I am not likely to have another one and I like to hear his voice once in a while we got to talking about other things.

One part of the conversation turned to how it was up here

“Do you get out much Mum?”, he said

“Not much, apart from the bears and bugs there is not much to do or see here”, I said

“Don’t you go for walks around there?” he asked

“No, I am afraid of the bears and we have a lot”, I replied

“Come on Mum, how many bears have killed people there this year so far?”, he said

“None”, I replied

“And how many people have been murdered?”, he asked

“One”, I said

“There you go, your more likely to get murdered there than attacked by a bear”, he shot back.

How can you argue with that logic?

It is a fact that bears don’t usually attack humans, and that I have developed somewhat of a phobia after the almost break in a couple of years ago.  On the other hand we have a mother bear and two cubs hanging about on the corner, about a 100 ft away and  I would have to walk past it to go to the village. I am always concerned that I may inadvertently get between her and her cubs. A couple of years ago a mother bear, probably the same one, went for a man chopping wood nearby. Also the bears have got used to the people in the village and some people are careless with their garbage or have bird feeders, bears like the seed, and it is common to see bears sniffing around. Most garbage cans get teeth marks on them, ours has and it is hidden away in the car port but a bear got to it. I used to freeze my garbage and put it out on garbage day but when I was told by the wildlife ranger that bears can smell right through freezers I thought it a waste of time to do so. I have two freezers in the carport.

Currently there is a rumour of one grizzly hanging about but he is probably just passing through his territory, they don’t often come into where humans live. Last fall on the Lake Babine Nation’s reservation they pulled in a large salmon harvest from the lake and they had to contend with nine grizzly bears hanging around.

So I don’t think I am going walking today even though I am more likely to get murdered than attacked. No thanks. 


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jmb said...

I understand his logic and yours too. I have had some frightening bear experiences, more really, really close encounters I should say but terrifying none the less so I don't like to go out " in the woods" too much.

Once we got between a buffalo and her youngster, luckily in a car, but she went straight at us and we floored the gas pedal and were out of there.

Jeni said...

Don't you just love the comfort of the logic our children can come up with though? I too understand his position but I too would take the same route as you are doing never the less!

MomsJournal said...

heh - I'm more afraid of moose than bears, but then again I saw a lot more moose than bears where I lived in AK. ;-)

Liz said...

Saying you should be more scared of murderers isn't exactly helping!

Mums and babies - oh no, keep away. When we were in Banff, no, not Banff, somewhere, there were signs up saying not to leave food around as bears came into the town. Pretty scary.