Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Do you have two Facebook accounts you want to access?

Facebook lets you have more than one account however under normal circumstances one has to log out of the first and then log into the second. I have a Facebook Google gadget on my iGoogle page where the Facebook account I use for family and friends is always on and I don’t want to have to log out every time I might wish to go the other Facebook account I opened to interact with online blogging friends, which I must admit because of the logging in and out I hardly go to and I am still not a great fan of Facebook anyway. 

There is a way around this if you wish to have two Facebook accounts available to you. It involves using two browsers.  I have six browsers downloaded onto my computer Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Flock. Currently I am using Chrome since Firefox, which has been my favourite browser for years, seemed to have slowed down and  for some reason loads the old iGoogle page whereas Chrome is purportedly 30% faster and shows the new iGoogle page with the sidebar which I like.

To have another Facebook account available I can open another browser. I would choose Flock because it is dedicated to social media and login to the second Facebook  account. You could not use a Facebook gadget on your iGoogle page as it will conflict with the first one already set up on the other browser, but if you set Facebook as a start page or use another start page like NetVibes and link to your second  Facebook account from that it would work or Flock will keep you logged in on its side panel.  The reason you have to use two browsers is the SEO in the computer is conflicted if logging into two accounts and therefore you have to log out. In theory, I suppose one could have many Facebook accounts using different browsers.

An oddity of Facebook is that they allow two people on separate computers to log into the same account, I think this is an oversight actually because I am sure it would cause some problems and stalls.

I have tentatively returned to Facebook but what put me off before is the silliness of it. Do you use Facebook and how do you like it? By the way I think this method would work with Twitter as well if you have two accounts, I haven’t tried it though as no one I know outside blogland uses it.

I bet all that is clear as mud.



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Joy said...

I can only keep up with one fb acct. I do love it. I have connected with lots of people who I never would have otherwise.

Tammy said...

I only have one account. I basically use Facebook for the games. They kinda get addicting though. ;o)

Smalltown RN said...

Yes I use facebook...funny we were just talking about it at work last night. The pros and cons with facebook is that it allows you to stay connected with those that you want to...but it certainly helps others find you and find out about your business even though you don't want them to....so I primarily use facebook to stay in touch with family. I am not a Twitter person....blogging and one facebook account is about all I can handle.

Jeni said...

Well my friend, as you know I have a lot of difficulty comprehending a lot of the stuff on the internet, blog commands, reader issues and so on but this post must be fairly clear cause I think I actually understood a few things you talked about here. Now that is a scary thought isn't it?
I don't have a facebook account but all three of my kids have one. I do read/follow Mandy's a lot of the time but to be honest, I don't really like a lot of the stuff on there -all the "take this quiz" things and such. To me, that's just like having a blog with nothing BUT MEMES -and you know how I feel about Memes too, don't 'cha? Mandy thinks I should get a Facebook acct., but I rank it right there with My Space and find both of them a bit too busy and teen-agey for my tastes. Besides it would take away way too much of my time that's already in short enough supply and I'd never get any embroidery or craft stuff done nor would any meals land on the table on most days either then.

Anna said...

One facebook account is enough for me so far. I love it because I have reconnected with so many people from the past - high school and college friends, church friends, and even family I never really got to know because we lived too far apart. I've also connected with many of my blogging friends on facebook, too - you included!

The only game I play on facebook is lexulous, so I don't get bogged down in all the other stuff, but there are certainly a lot of quizzes and such going by. Mostly I just ignore those and use facebook to see what people are up to, and I have it linked to my twitter account so that everything works together. When I post to one of my blogs, it automatically goes to twitter and to facebook, so it's a good way to promote my blogs.

Sometimes, too, a status update or a tweet is all I really have the time or energy for, instead of a full blown blog post, so it's good to have that outlet - because sometimes I have something to say, but I wouldn't say it if it took a lot of time.

jmb said...

Two Facebook accounts? I'm afraid I don't really care for it and hardly ever log into mine. It's all the stupidity that seems to go with it which drives me nuts. Those people who insist upon superpoking you, or sending you virtual things or wanting to compare movies with you.

Most people of my age only know of FB as something their grandchildren use so not much point in keeping up with people.

I'm afraid I forget to update my twitter too and frankly I don't think anyone really wants to know the minutia of my life.

One friend I know insists on telling people when she is doing the ironing or baking muffins. Sigh. As if we cared.

Laureen said...

I did what you said, just put facebook on 2 different browsers, I used Safari and Chrome and NOW I lost all my gamer friends. Thanks for nothing.