Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heads or Tails – Summertime memory


Skittles runs a meme called Heads or Tails and this week the theme is Summertime Memory.

Every summer my husband can be found on his hands and knees looking for worms for fishing in the river.

This was taken yesterday but he has done this every year I can remember as soon as the rivers open for fishing.

He gropes around in the leaf pile, bare hands as well, until he has collected several worms for his tin can.

He went down to the Fulton River today and he said the fishing was great, he threw back several rainbow, white fish and squaw fish. He just does catch and release because I don’t want any more fish.

I may have fears of getting addicted to internet pursuits but he is definitely past reclaiming when it comes to fishing.


Skittles said...

He looks so intent on finding some worms. I've heard fishermen are a breed all their own. Like a brotherhood or something.

By the way.. you've got yourself a fine looking man there. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Fishing is one thing. Worms another! I hated fishing with worms but can handle lures and spinners. Good post!

Jeni said...

Yeah, fishing has a way of "claiming" many people, for sure!
Reminds me of my uncle and how he dearly loved to go fishing too -and often, when I was a youngster, he would talk me along with him. Because he didn't want to be bothered all the time baiting the hook for me -cause I wasn't about to handle those worms -he started getting jars of salmon eggs for me to use as bait.

Liz said...

What dedication!

i beati said...

good one sandy