Saturday, June 06, 2009

Treasure Trove

A few years ago a man who owned a home in our village died and because the property has gone to rack and ruin the heir wants to burn it down and announced that anyone could take whatever they want.

So we scooped the antenna and now I can get 13 channels which are provided by the village. Since it is part of our taxes it is great to get it. We have been trying to purchase an antenna like this for a while and you can't seem to get them anymore.

The other treasures were videos. He must have belonged to a club because we hauled about 300 of them home. I spent this morning going through them and decided to keep about half. There are some really good movies still in their plastic wrap.

Apart from that there where several unused notebooks, and paper still in their plastic packages. A few newish garden tools, pails of nails, screws etc.

We had waited for a couple of weeks since we saw the notice in case others might want stuff but no one else turned up to poke around for treasures so we scored.


silverneurotic said...

they are getting rid of antennae over here and going digital. is it the same over there in canada? It'll probably be nice to have tv again, you didn't have it for a long time did you?

VioletSky said...

Sounds like a nightmare packrat!
You did well with those finds. Shame no one else was interested (including the family).

Cicero Sings said...

Glad you had fun AND success scavenging! Sounds like the antenna was just the ticket.

Jeni said...

And congrats on scoring pretty darned good on this "one man's trash" kind of things.

Liz said...

That must have been great fun!