Friday, June 12, 2009

We are both addicted

Any evening in our house you will find hubby on the laptop and me on the desktop playing Mah-jong.


It works inside my browser so while I am waiting for something to load I go and find some matching tiles. It can be quite frustrating at times but I sometimes win and I hear moans from the armchair about the times hubby doesn’t get it out. It is a true time waster, but I have lots of time.


Jeni said...

Mandy and I are both addicted to this really stupid, mindless "bubble shooter" game. Both of us do spend way, WAY too many hours bursting bubbles!

Joy said...

I have never played that game. I've been curious about it. I think since I read Joy Luck Club.

I am addicted to Scramble on facebook.
I'm trying to beat one friends of mines score and boy she's got a high one.


jmb said...

I have a husband who wastes his time on the computer with Mah-Jong too.

Me, I waste mine with Second Life. Neither can complain about the other so that is good.

Anonymous said...

I,m addicted to cribbage and solitaire as well