Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back Country Sightings

We drove out to Houston yesterday for shopping and a chiropractors appointment for me. We have a half hour trip to the main highway and on the way out we saw 3 black bears, 1 moose and a coyote and on the return we saw five bear some of which were a mom and three tiny cubs. Those were the fun sightings.

The not so fun sighting was a black fly that took sight of me as I nipped out to tell Dave he had a phone call, about 30secs, I did not bother to put on my anti-bug hat and I paid the price. I have two black fly bites on my head that were all bloody and now are oozing and sticking up my hair. My husband can stay out all day and although he gets bothered by the bugs they don't bite. I have been taking B Vitamins for over a year as that is what the logging companies recommend to the staff that go into the bush but I think they just make me more tasty.

Today is lovely and I feel I should be out in it but it is not fun to have to be either covered completely or have Deep Woods Off in a thick layer all over and I would still have to wear the bug hat and I feel guilty for staying in doors.  Trouble is if I don't feel guilty for that I am sure my psyche will find something else for me to feel guilty about.


Joy said...

My husband usually gets eat up by mosquitos and I don't. I think its the garlic I eat. Not sure what makes one person more tastier than the other.

Like your hat.


TechnoBabe said...

At least you look very stylish in the anti-bug hat! I agree with Joy, I do not know why some people attract the biting flying critters.

Cicero Sings said...

Maybe female bugs don't like men? They never bother D either. But me ... the hover over me and don't just hover either. It is absolutely disgusting!

Jeni said...

Have you ever tried using Avon's Skin So Soft bath oil as an insect repellent?
Back when I used to sell Avon products, there was an elderly man who ran one of the local bars and he had read about Skin So Soft as being a good repellent. He loved to go fishing up in Canada every years and decided to try the SSS to see how it worked and as a result of his "scientific testing" my sales of SSS jumped drastically. Seems he was telling all the guys who patronized his place about how good this stuff worked and those men would either confront me directly if I came into the bar or they would have their wives order some SSS from me for their fishing trips. I don't know if it would work for you in your area or not, but heck, it might be worth a try. I've used it and it worked very well for me although I don't need it that much now since I don't venture out all that often these days.

Liz said...

We're the other way around: Husband is the tasty bit of stuff.

Guilt is a hideously creeping-in thing and should be told to clear off at every opportunity.