Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eternally crass


This is a Google Earth picture of our village. To the right is the huge Babine Lake but there are three lakes at the back of the village about 2km or 1 mile into the bush from our place. I have drawn a line from where we live to the lake that Dave and Sid have just left to fish for trout.

It is only accessible by ATV and is a really bumpy ride. There are three lakes there. The one they have gone to this morning is called Skinhead and very close to it and just north is called Bonehead and the tiny one to its right is called P…..head, I will leave that to your imagination.

Who else but a bunch of insensitive men could have come up with names that will go into eternity to represent what my husband has told me are incredibly beautiful wilderness spots. Surely they could have thought of something else.


Joy said...

Google Earth is so cool. I love looking up addresses on it. We find old addresses and try and figure out when the picture was made.
That is a great visual of your village and then to see where he fishes. So do you all eat all these fish this man is catching?


janeywan said...

Wow you are out there aren't you? What kind of fish to they bring home when they bring them? :)

TechnoBabe said...

How close is your nearest neighbor? If you move will you move to a country setting or closer to city this time?

Liz said...

Men indeed!

Shelby said...

sometimes I stay on google earth for hours just exploring all around the world.. great fun

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!