Friday, July 10, 2009

Help me out with some ideas

When we first moved here we were told we lived in the northern Cariboo region of BC and there was even a sign to that effect on the way to the village, however the sign is now removed because it appears we are not part of the Cariboo. We are classed as Northern BC or to be more precise the Bulkely-Stikine area. We are approximately 200 miles or 322 km inland from the bottom of the Alaska pan handle. Weatherwise we are on the cusp of three different weather patterns which makes it difficult to judge what our weather will be when we listen to the reports as it depends largely on which way the wind is blowing.

So the problem is I want to change my blog name to something else since I am no longer pondering in the Cariboo. I will not change my actual blog address ""  though as that would be problematic. It probably wasn't a good idea to give the blog a name that bears a region anyway as we may move in the future although when we came here we thought this was the last stop before the crematorium.

Right now I am not inspired beyond Berni's Blog  I wondered if anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis and has got to know me just a little would have anything to suggest that would fit. Since I am changing so many things and if it will not confuse Joan too much (joking) I thought this would be a good time. What do you think?


jmb said...

Well if you mean me, confusion is not new for me, so I'll survive.

I can hardly offer suggestions since I have the most boring blog name on the planet. LOL.

Cicero Sings said...

Oh dear, I'm not very good with names, I'm afraid nothing pops into mind.

Jeni said...

Well, I kind of still like the Cariboo Ponderer name. Of course, you could change it to British Columbia Babe or something like that maybe. Will have to think on that a bit -ponder the ponderer ya know.