Thursday, July 02, 2009

Look at my thrift store finds


I went into Houston last week for my chiropractors appointment  and as always I took time to browse the thrift store.

These are a brand new pair of jeans $5, size 10 can you believe, I almost passed them by but thought they looked too big for a 10 so tried them on and they fit perfectly. They must be sized incorrectly and someone bought them without trying them on and that is how they ended in the thrift store.

The other is a little cardigan style jacket made in ribbed T-shirt material almost brand new for $3. That is sized M which could be correct at a stretch. Get it! Ha Ha

I have to try everything on these days but an outfit for $8 is worth it. I will wear it with a short ribbed T-shirt under the jacket.

Now I will have to create some dangly earrings to go with it. Possibly a necklace but I rarely wear them. I never wear rings either not even my wedding ring. They just seem to get in my way.


Jeni said...

Some very good buys you got there, Vic. Mandy would agree with me too. She's the queen of shopping at thrift shops, yard sales, and the like! I'm not averse to those things at all but it just seems no one my size relinquishes any good stuff to those places.

Susan Jones said...

Waaaaayda come outta the closet!
(easy for me to say heeeeeeee)

Great blog thanks for sharing.

Joy said...

Great finds there.
You said you went to Houston and my ears/eyes perked up.
But I guess you weren't in my Houston. ;(


jmb said...

The jeans are lovely Vic Grace, and the top too.

I don't wear necklaces much, because I hate things hanging around my neck, but I especially loathe bracelets.

Not much good for jewellery makers.

Skittles said...

I'm not much of a jewelry wearer either. I do wear my wedding ring and sometimes a mother's necklace my kids got me.

I like what you got at the thrift store. I know good buys can be found at those. VERY hard though for someone my size, so I go for the books and things I want for my home.