Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coconut oil is great skin cream

I had read that coconut oil is really good for skin and thought I would try it. I had Virgin Coconut Oil on hand for frying and baking so gave it a go. I thought it would make my skin greasy but not a bit of it. It sinks right in and even the T-Zone which normally is a bit shiny with my regular skin cream stayed soft but not shiny or greasy and my skin is really soft. I run my hands under hot water and then take a tiny smidgen of the coconut oil which is actually hard at room temperature and rub it gently into my face and throat. Apparently it is good for acne and other skin complaints as well as many other health issues. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal abilities and although a saturated fat is not one of the bad ones but it is interesting to read how coconut oil got such a bad rap. It was all about big business and politics not about your health at all.

Coconut oil for the skin
Coconut Research Centre
Wikepedia - Coconut oil


Jeni said...

I seem to recall my Mom had some stuff when I was a kid -like a balm or pumice type thing -with coconut oil in it and it was reputed to be really great for rough patches on your skin -like heels and elbows in particular. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the stuff but my Mom said it was really great. Where's that stuff now -when I really could use some on my heels especially?

janeywan said...

I want some!

Cicero Sings said...

I make all of our own oils ... for years now. Bought lotions all have water and if water is added preservatives must also be added!

Coconut oil has a good shelf life too!

I use it for cooking and soap making but found the articles interesting about using it directly on the skin ... I'll start adding it to some of my potions. Another good, but stinky oil, for the skin is Neem Oil. Really helps cracked heels heal and quick.

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Berni, this is really interesting. I never thought about coconut oil. You are full of good ideas!! Now I will research where to buy it to try it. Because I have learned in the short time I have been reading your blog that if you say so I believe it. You do such good research and then share with the rest of us.

Liz said...

We used to use it as a sun cream in the summer - and we fried!