Friday, August 21, 2009

Grains can safely be eliminated from your diet

I personally eat very few grains  and then only oats or barley about 1/3 cup per day but many days I don't eat any at all.

Wheat, corn etc are not essential to a healthy diet although they are featured on the bottom of the food groups pyramid as essential foods. A lot of pressure has been applied from different agricultural groups to make this so. Grains are relatively inexpensive due to government subsidies. However they don't provide any nutrients you can't get from other foods. There are many researchers that  argue that it is grains not saturated fat that contribute to disease. The latest research claiming that wheat may contribute to diabetes. Refined carbohydrates probably do a lot more harm that saturated fat and being overweight is more harmful than both. Maintaining a healthy body weight is ultimately more important than what percentage of the diet is protein, fat, or carbohydrate.

Information from The Nutrition Data Blog


michelle george said...

i am beginning to see evidence inmy own diet and health that agrees with what you's hard though to get rid of grain! :) I am continuing to experiment...thanks for your encouragement and input Bernie!

lattégirl said...

The general consensus is that refined carbs are useless and/or bad. Since I am maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet low in fat and free of processed foods, I see no need to eliminate my very modest intake of whole grains. Thanks for the info... I am always interested in reading about both sides of the coin.