Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clues that Fall is here

DSC00853 Officially Fall is meant to be here in just under an hour. It is like a summer’s day here though 23C/73F, but Fall has left a few clues around, that it is on the way.

I still have this lingering fear of bears, although we haven't seen any around the property for a while. So I plucked up courage and wandered around picking mushrooms, but I am always scanning the area and get alarmed at any rustle I hear.

These are shaggy manes and they are amongst many varieties of mushroom that pop up this time of year on our property, but these are the only ones I feel safe in harvesting and eating. I plan to make salmon cakes this evening and I will serve them with the shaggy manes.

The other clue is the trees are starting to turn golden and a few leaves have fallen already. I had to clean out a couple of boxes of petunias from the deck as they were quite dead however my other boxes look like they will last a few more days. Although we are experiencing Indian Summer the nights are getting cold only 4C/39F  last night.


TechnoBabe said...

How will you prepare the mushrooms? Sauteed in garlic sauce? grilled?
Would you be able to outrun a bear if one did sneak up on you? Are you close to your house when you hunt for mushrooms and other things?

Jeni said...

Believe it or not, here in central PA, the leaves were already turning colors by mid-August and trees were beginning to shed then too!
Fresh mushrooms, huh? That's something a lot of folks around here do but I have no clue how to tell good from bad so I don't mess with that kind of harvesting at all! Considering how much my daughter, SIL and I all love mushrooms -with lots of dishes as well as just sauteed too, maybe we should learn how to locate them and pick them though.