Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Garbage day again!

It seems I am starting to measure my life by the garbage bin.  Every Thursday morning about 7am we have to put out the garbage for collection. We are prohibited by a village by law from doing it the night before because of bears. It is Thursday is tomorrow and I have to collect up all the stuff ready for pick up as I can’t think too straight at 7am and might throw something at the garbage guy, rather than throw it into the garbage truck.

“It was just Thursday, darn it!” I exclaimed out loud to myself. I talk a lot to myself. I remember doing this same routine last week.  It comes to something when that is all you can remember from week to week.

For posterity I will relate my doings this morning.

  1. Made the bed and got rid of some dirty dishes
  2. I emailed my Avon lady and checked my email and feeds
  3. Went and took a look at Facebook
  4. Made Irish soda bread with caraway and raisins for hubby
  5. Made flax meal, buckwheat, bean flour, coconut flour, oat bran bread for me.
  6. Experimented with yogurt and made a small batch with added stevia and whey powder.
  7. Made up some chicken salad with left overs
  8. Collected the garbage

It is just past 1pm, maybe I will try another looming project. So far I have made 5 woven bracelets. It is quite time consuming on a loom but so far I am enjoying it. I have a watch that belonged to my mother and must be about 70 years old, but keeps time faithfully. It is badly in need of a strap I might see if I can create something for it.

I still have to get some wood in and make supper, we probably will have fish. “Oh what a surprise” I say to myself.

Hubby is off painting a building with his pal. He has been leaving around 8am and returning about 4pm. Then he sets to and chops wood or he might go off in the truck and get more gravel for the driveway. I don’t know where the man gets his energy.


TechnoBabe said...

You ask where your hubby gets his energy, and yet you are a locomotion accomplishing so much. I went to work this morning and putzed around a little when I got home and watched a movie with hubby and read some. You accomplished three times that much. So I want some of your energy.

VioletSky said...

Oh, the mundane tasks of our daily lives... are actually quite interesting to someone else. You do sound rather busy yourself, having accomplished more in one morning than I have all day today. I feel such a slug.

Jeni said...

Holy Rip! If I had to be up before 7 a.m. to put trash out for pickup, I'd probably wait till the truck showed up and be heaving the bags at the pickup guys for sure! Back when we subscribed to trash pick-up, it hurried me to get it out to the curb the night before! (No bears to worry about here, but lots of other little creatures -raccoons, opossums, skunks -and also, some of the neighbors dogs too though. Now, don't need to worry as the son-in-law takes in his pickup and puts it in the dumpster at his shop!

Cicero Sings said...

I feel the same way about garbage day and my garbage day is Thursday at 8:00 a.m.

If I don't get things done in the morning ... they don't generally get done. I lose a lot of umpf come 2:00 p.m.

Liz said...

Thursday is our rubbish day too. How many times have I said, 'oh, no, it's Thursday' too late!

Anonymous said...

Berni, why are you getting wood in?? Don't tell me that it's cool enough for a fire? I'm hoping that you aren't cooking with wood, my poor husband would never get dinner if I had to cook on a wood stove. I don't know where you are getting your energy, you're working circles around me.
Lam (alabama)