Monday, September 28, 2009

It snowed!

We are hardly out of summer and there was snow on the ground and sticking to the trees today as I drove out to Houston. It probably won’t stay around but it is the beginning of the winter season, for me anyway. Dave is planning to put the snow plough on the ATV tomorrow just in case. We saw the last of the snow leave in June. I really must get used to a monochromatic world.

This is the last day for my little yellow car to be on the road. There wasn’t really any point insuring it for 8 weeks. We will be leaving for Mexico on November 25 and driving down in the truck so we will be using that in the meantime.

Very little happening here, Dave has been sick with a bad cold so has been home coughing, snorting and dozing for the last week, but he is back to his usual energetic self today. Fortunately I did not catch it. We almost never get colds, in fact when he dug the Sudafed out from the medicine cabinet it had an expiry date of 2003 so that must have been the last time we bought cold medicine. I can’t remember when I last had a cold and I have never had flu. I don’t think either of us is going to have the flu vaccine. We haven’t up to now and I don’t want to mess with what must be good immune systems. I take two Omega 3 capsules and about 3/4 cup of plain home made yogurt every day, both of which are purported to enhance the immune system. 

My biggest problem is year round allergies. They seem worse right now probably because of all the mushroom spores and the wood stove is going full blast. However since we get all our wood free and we run the wood stove for about 8 months a year (except of course if we go to Mexico) heating by electricity is not economically sound for us. So what are a few allergies in light of fiscal responsibility.


VioletSky said...

How awful to hear the first about the first snow sighting. I also have a box of past best before dated meds. I only look at the date when I think I might need it, then realize just how old it is!

TechnoBabe said...

It is thirty nine degrees here this morning so hubby is deciding how many shirts to wear for his bike ride today and he turned the furnace on this morning. I want to make my own yogurt. I will research how to get it started. I remember I used to make it when the kids were small. And I always liked it. I was also reading an article this week that reminded me to try tofu again. Hope Dave's cold is dwindling and that he feels better soon.