Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Productive or not

The future doesn't look that friendly in BC  what with the new HST tax, budget cuts to programs and services and the overall rise in the cost of things. I can't help thinking that if the provincial government had not given themselves that huge pay raise there would be a bit more money going around. Admittedly not billions but if we all have to tighten our belts I would like to see the politicians do it too.  It is dreadful that the minimum wage has, yet again, not been raised. How do they expect people to live? Not everyone living on the streets is into drugs etc. they can't afford to rent let alone buy a home.  It isn't just students that take minimum wage jobs, sometimes that is the only job one can find. Now we have a federal election looming, the fourth in six years. Voters have not been turning out, probably  because the choices are not great. I think my philosophy  at voting time will be 'better the devil you know that the devil you don't'.   Anyway enough politics, boy it makes me angry though! I can't say the politicians are particularly productive, at least to my mind, except to line their own pockets.

Washed my car this afternoon  and then finished another bracelet. I want to make a whole bunch for the Christmas bazaar that is held just before we go to Mexico. I sold a few pieces of jewelry this summer at the Crafter's Hut in the village so I guess I should keep on keeping on with it. At least I can wear what doesn't sell.

 Canned all the salmon today, it took most of the day but it is all in my pantry now.  I have two turkey carcasses tumbling off the top shelf of my upright freezer every time I open it. I keep promising them I am going to make them into soup and then can it. Then the raspberries need to be made into jam and hubby is gently reminding me that he is all out of marmalade and store bought is not as good as mine. I will have to make his bread tomorrow and I am all out of my flax meal bread. I want to try making my own chocolate bars. I bought unsweetened dark chocolate and I am going to try sweetening it with stevia and put nuts in it.

I had a go at making low carb pie crust this evening. It tasted alright but I couldn't roll it out so had to pat it on top, but next time if I let it get cold, which I should have done I know, it will work. Hubby said it was a good substitute and tasted and looked a lot like pastry. I used whey powder, coconut flour and a little bit of soy flour, butter and water.

I don't know how I found the time to work a full time job, with a part time job on the weekends plus doing typing for a local business man and homeschooling three boys. I must be slowing down but at least I am productive.


Jeni said...

Boy, are you ever productive! I too -on occasion -wonder how I managed to work a full-time job, plus a part-time job, and stillmanaged to squeeze in a bit of cooking and cleaning. now and then, even a bit of crafting too a few years back. These days, I'm lucky to get supper cooked and dishes washed in between blog reading, writing an occasional post and then, playing with the craft stuff! (The tablecloth though is coming along quite nicely thus far!)
The political stuff though boggles my mind! Our state is supposed to have a budget in place and passed by June 30th and this year, here it is already September 3rd, and they still have not done that so virtually every county now is juggling around, trying to find ways to pay their bills whilst waiting on the legislators to stop quibbling about the budget cuts, etc. Mind you, they have no issues with cutting peoples jobs, or their hours or wages but never do they cut into their own pay, their benefits -like per diems, etc -in order to save money. That all has to come from the residents and taxpayers to them. As you said, we all have to tighten our belts but the politicians never have to do that. Something is wrong with that picture, for sure!

TechnoBabe said...

The bracelets sounds nice, and it makes it more fun that you make them and enjoy doing it and then you sell them and that is rewarding that other people like them too. Where do you go in Mexico? You did get A LOT done in one day. Canning alone would be all I could do in one day I think.

Cicero Sings said...

I know what you mean about slowing down ... My days go whipping by and it seems all I get accomplished is 3 meals and the dishes. Cooking from scratch does take time (but not THAT much time) ... I think of those pioneer women a lot. At threshing time, those ladies had to cook huge meals to feed the crew. How DID they do it?! And with none of the modern conveniences ... and wash (by hand) ... and iron ... and garden ... and ...

Joy said...

You are productive.
You amaze me with all your computer knowledge.
Wish I could sit down with you and let you show me all these this stuff.

I understand your frustration with government. Believe me. The frustration level is high here in the states.


Mary Mac said...

I like your blog - found it on the The Tyee; love your sweet pictures of the birds,

from a fellow northerner in Prince George BC,