Friday, September 25, 2009

What you can do about Cancer or other sicknesses

We have just learned that a dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer and we have been asked to pray. I expect many of those reading this blog know someone who has cancer or some other sickness and we often feel helpless and don’t know what to do or how to pray. Perhaps these ideas will help.

As Christians we pray in Jesus' name. Jesus gave us His authority, so it is not about you or what level of faith you may have, or the sick person's faith, or your ability to pray well -- it is about what He has already accomplished on Calvary.

  • Order the cancer to leave and symptoms to abate and that the effected body parts return to normal.
  • Curse the cancer cells  and forbid them to multiply.
  • Bless the healthy cells.
  • Command fear to leave.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to come fill and encourage the person and to minister to them.
  • Ask the Lord to come with His healing presence and complete the work in the sick person's body.

You don't even have to be a believer to pray. In fact, studies suggest that non-believers pray almost as often as believers. When we need help, we look for it wherever we think we might find it. How many times have you seen people calling on God when tragedy hits, but who claim not to believe under normal circumstances. Even a confirmed agnostic senses that there's some great power or energy or eternal force behind the universe.

Is there proof that prayer works

Scientific Evidence for Answered Prayer and the Existence of God


TechnoBabe said...

No one wants to watch someone they care about battle cancer. You don't mention in your post the details of the cancer or if treatment has begun. I know you are a caring woman and your friend will benefit from knowing you. It is evident in your post and some of your previous posts how much you believe in prayer. Hugs.

Jeni said...

The power of prayer has many, many healing ways. It doesn't always give us exactly the results we want, but will give the results we need -whether we believe that or not at the time of issuing the prayers. "Thy Will Be Done." Sometimes too that is what we have to pray for in addition to the healing we want to take place.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Prayer is a very complex activity.
At another time and another place a long discussion could be had about the nature of prayer.

For now, your friend is suffering. I along with others trust he or she will find the courage and understanding to face this personal crisis with grace and dignity.

For those around him or her may they not abandon their friend in this hour of need because it is hard to face pain and suffering in others for it reminds us of our own fragility. We too need courage to be supportive of our friend.

I personally find prayers of petition, (to ask God for this or that) inappropriate.

Todays is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of atonement. Seeking atonement is prayer. It is trying to find our right relationship to the Divine and each other. In our daily lives we countless times fail ourselves, others and the Holy through acts of brokenness. We all are in need of repairing ourselves by seeking atonement from others and the Divine.

In a medical crisis and possible death we need to learn acceptance and seek atonement so that we can find the peace of being "right with God" and each other.

I hope your friend find courage and meaning in this medical crisis.

Mind and Spirit do help the body to struggle and even recover from serious illness.

Mary Mac said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend Berni. There was a talk on CBC radio today about positive self-talk/ cancer - more studies being done all the time about linkages between mind/ spirit/ physical ailments.
Healing also takes many forms - not just on the physical level.

Liz said...

It's a hard one praying for the sick. We're called to do it but it's such a relief that it doesn't depend on me and what words I use or how good I am at praying or anything like that, but on God.