Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Binging, thoughts on cholesterol, Vitamin D and doctors.

As many of you know I am a diet controlled diabetic, which means there are many things I don’t eat and I am pretty strict with myself about keeping my blood glucose numbers in really good shape. I was mad that I finally succumbed to diabetes as I had always been quite careful with my diet, never eating junk foods but my Father had diabetes so I guess I inherited it, but it came a lot later because of the care I had taken with my diet, still I was depressed for a while.

Sometimes I just have to binge and today is one of them. I binged on stuff that wouldn’t upset my blood glucose but may add an ounce or two to my weight but all healthy, if too much of a good thing.

I am a lover of wasabi peas so down the hatch they went, also some dark chocolate almonds that I made myself with stevia to sweeten, peanut butter cookies sweetened with stevia and made without flour, using flax meal instead. Finally I whipped up some extra hot and spicy soybeans which have just come out of the oven now,  hot and crispy and ready to burn my taste buds right off my tongue.  I think I am slowing down a bit now and have settled with a cup of tea. All of the above foods are actually very healthy foods so I have not indulged in junk but I have indulged myself a bit. 

I don’t feel guilty although my scale is still hanging 10lbs over what the doctor would like, but I literally have to go hungry to get rid of it so I am just hoping all the additional exercise I plan to get in Mexico will help. I always figure a little extra poundage as you get older is more becoming than the scrawny look anyway. The only thing I can’t seem to budge is my cholesterol and I tend to think this is all hogwash anyway. I believe it is possible the medical profession has been brainwashed by the big pharmaceutical companies that we all need pills to bring cholesterol down. Just as many people die of heart attacks with low LDL (bad) cholesterol as high HDL (good) cholesterol plus our brains need cholesterol. However, I don’t feel I know enough to argue with my doctor on this issue so faithfully take my pills. Since we have purchased Health Insurance for the trip I have to do as my doctor suggests or the insurance is null and void.

I am very grateful for our Canadian health system and before that the British system, and although not perfect it has always met my needs. However, having almost lost my life and the life of my eldest son twice due to two different doctors’ errors, I decided to keep up with the latest medical research myself and not totally leave all the decisions  to the doctors. That is not to disparage them, I think they are great but they are human, they make mistakes, they are over worked, stressed and don’t have the time to keep up with all the research that is out there, regardless what country they are working in. So I feel I should do it for myself.

When the doctor made a mistake in regard to my care while I was pregnant with my oldest son I was asked by the medical association if I wanted to sue as we both could had died. I chose not to sue, I think that would have been morally wrong in that situation. It was an error of judgement on his part not a deliberate act. I survived because of another doctor’s intervention and I am sure the first doctor learned a valuable lesson.

I try and stay fit and eat properly but don’t make a religion of it but one of the things I am realizing now is that I don’t get enough Vitamin D, most people in the northern hemisphere don’t and the latest research says without enough Vitamin D we can’t process cholesterol properly and also we can’t make serotonin which can lead to depression and sleeplessness.  The Vitamin D one gets in milk is hardly enough and there are very few foods one can obtain it from but fatty fish like sardines and salmon contain it along with egg yolks, although a supplement is a good idea, Cod Liver Oil being one of the best. Also getting out in the sun for a least ten minutes without sun block, until your skin turns a little pink which means your body is manufacturing the Vitamin D it needs. That is almost impossible here as it never gets hot enough or rarely, and if I was outside the flies would be biting anyway.

So much to learn, so much we are not told, so much the doctors don’t know, no good worrying about it but taking some steps to greater health certainly pays off.

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Joy said...

I'm with you Berni, The Lord has our days numbered and no matter what your cholesterol is when He's ready for you He's ready.

I inherited high blood pressure from my mother.

I'm glad you are happy with your healthcare system and you have the time to research and follow up with Dr.'s recommendations and diagnosis. So many people don't have the time to do it.
There is such a battle raging right now in the States over this. We have superb healthcare for the most part. I hate the thoughts of Nancy Pelosi dictating my healthcare in the future.

You'll soak in lots of Vita D in Mexico.
All your snacks sound yummy today.
I was snacky today, but not as healthy as you. I have lost a few pounds doing Eat Stop Eat. Finally found something that works for me. I want to try and get about 5 more pounds gone.


TechnoBabe said...

The very last sentence in this post says it all. You remind us that we need to be proactive in our health care.

jmb said...

The latest research is for high (ish) doses of supplemental Vitamin D.

I avoid sun because of skin cancer so have upped my daily dose in the past year as has the Old Scientist. He has had a melanoma and as well as many lesser skin cancers so sun is avoided by us both. Sad really.

yodasmith said...

What stevia brand do you use? I use SweetLeaf Sweetener stevia--their powder had added inulin fiber.

Berni said...

Hi Yodasmith. I don't have a favorite brand but the one I am using now is New Root. It doesn't have inulin.

Liz said...

THat's interesting what you say about vitamin D and cholesterol. Husband had a full medical recently and his bad cholesterol is fine but his good is low. But it seems there's little he can do to improve that. I'd suggest a bit more sunlight - but that would mean moving!