Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Day in the Life – October 25, 2009

Weather in my part of the world:granisle2

Snowed starting this morning until noon, cut off internet reception and TV. The snow is probably  here to stay now. 

A simple pleasure:

Watching my husband paint the entrance way, it has been needing it. The whole place is in muted golds, browns and creamy yellows. I like fall colors. He is working his way through from one end to the other. Probably finish it when we come back from Mexico.

From the kitchen:

I made chicken soup today for supper. Lots of veggies and some barley.

Made my own dark chocolates. Added almonds to a sugarless dark chocolate bar plus stevia to sweeten and a little vanilla and put in fridge to harden.

Made peanut butter cookies using flax meal instead of flour and stevia to sweeten.

Since no internet this morning I had to do something.

What am I working on:

Lists for packing

I am reading:

Shanghai by David Rotenberg.

Thinking about:

Often I seem to make my Christian life about what I do for God. You know, so many points for reading my bible and throwing a prayer heavenward, and so on,  but it's not about what I do for God, but about what He does in and through me. If only I would let Him get on with it! He promises that He has begun a good work in me and He is faithful to complete it! I figure I may have 30 years left on the outside, bringing me to 92, I guess I must trust it will be completed on time.


Jeni said...

You just had to do it didn't you -post about it snowing up your way! RATS!
Oh well, I know this stuff will be arriving here -sooner or later -I just wish it would be later and light to when it does decide to arrive.
Yeah -I know, probably a bunch of wishful thinking there, huh?

jmb said...

Poor Berni. That snow is so early. I am glad I do not live there and I'll bet you can hardly wait to go south.