Friday, October 23, 2009

Needing stovetop recipe assistance

While we are Mexico in our rental apartment there is a propane stove top, a very small microwave and a tiny toaster oven. I guess many homes in Mexico don't have ovens because they heat the place up too much.It is well supplied with cups, plates and cutlery but a bit short on actual cooking tools. The American owner who lives upstairs is a bachelor and I don't think he cooks much so he hasn't outfitted the kitchen very well. One large frying pan and one pot. So I have to take a few things down to make my job easier.

I have an electric wok which I was thinking of taking down and possible my slow cooker plus good cutting knife, cutting board, spatula, mixing bowl, and whatever else I can think of. Hubby is scared I am going to take too much but five months is a long time to camp.

I don't cook many things on my stove top here and I am wondering if any one has a favourite easy skillet/frying pan recipe that they would like to share.

I don't want to be inside especially when it is hot messing about over a stove so I want quick meals. I am used to adapting recipes for myself (a diabetic) or simply giving hubby the stuff I can't eat out of a recipe.

When we were down earlier this year I found garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, corn and peppers of all shapes and sizes available easily but the green vegetables that we like are not so readily available so I will be doing some learning and adjusting in the kitchen. That in itself will be a change.

I made my flaxmeal bread recipe today but put 1/4 cup measures of the mix in my frying pan and slow cooked them into little flat breads so I can at least have some bread. Low carb bread I imagine is almost impossible to buy there.

We are in countdown mode now, about one month until we pull out of here, the weather hasn't been bad so far and any snow we have had quickly disappeared, too much to hope for though, I suppose, to beat it altogether.


TechnoBabe said...

Hi Berni, You are trying to think of everything you will need and/or would like to have during your stay in Mexico. I have an electric skillet that I make one pot meals, nothing fancy usually just what I have at the time. Maybe pork chops and veggies. One thing hubby likes is a hamburger patty each with some cheese on top (cheese added last couple minutes) and the rest of the skillet filled with fresh (or frozen) green beans. If you want to find some simple slow cooker recipes, check this out:

Danielle Says Hello said...

I just love that you and your husband made this decision to spend the worst winter months in Mexico - what a great opportunity to experience new and different things!!

Jeni said...

I don't have many recipes that are of a stove-top type as most of my cooking tends to involved a little prep on top of the range and then, oven time. Now, as to the Wok and Crock-pot -both sound like reasonable ideas to me but you might want to think too about the electrical set-up there first -outlets, how many and wattage involved as to whether the system there would handle the current or blow a breaker. I dunno how much those items you mentioned might need to function so just saying, you might want to check it out first to be sure.

Joy said...

I do a few recipes on the cooktop in a skillet, but I'm not sure if they are up to par healthywise.

I'll dig some out and send. Maybe you can adjust them.