Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Day in the Life – November 17, 2009

The weather at my place:


Is very grey and overcast and has been like that for days and we have about 8” of snow although it is not cold  only just below freezing. According to the weather reports it is going to stay like that for the rest of the week. Of course Dave has packed away his ATV with the snow blade so it is bound to snow. He will have to shove the stuff onto the road. Hopefully we won’t get a lot at once, just dribs and drabs.


 A simple pleasure: 

Packing is all done for Mexico. At least mine is. Everything but the dishwasher is in boxes and that wouldn’t fit! LOL. Dave has yet to do his packing he is only concerned about his boat going into the back of the truck, clothes and toiletries are the least of his concerns. We have five rubber bins with lids containing clothes, kitchen stuff and odds and ends plus an overnight bag each. It all should fit in according to Dave. I am sure I have taken ‘just in case’ stuff that I won’t use but just in case I might I have brought it along, I really don’t want to have to go and buy duplicates.

I did take the iron. We will have to dry stuff on the line and things get so wrinkled that way and I don’t mind a few wrinkles but I don’t want to look a complete mess. I know our landlord will have a iron but I don’t want to have to ask to borrow it and I don’t like ironing everything at once just as it is needed, Dave will probably do the ironing anyway he is much better at it than I am. He learned in the army so why should I disappoint him when he likes to show me how it is done! He like to show me how to do dishes as well and as yet I just haven’t got the knack of it. We have been married 11 years I wonder if I can keep up the dumb blonde act another 11, not so dumb eh. I am just joking of course he is a wonderfully emancipated male and helps a lot around the house.

I am thankful:

That we are able to leave here as winter is closing in now and the evenings are getting long and Dave doesn’t have enough to do so he is having fun bugging me, he says it will pass the time if he does that and I have to fight him off.

From the kitchen:

Trying to finish up the food, some of the meals will get a bit odd as we get closer to leaving date on Monday.

I am working on:

Nothing. Finishing up my library books mostly.

I am reading:

Reading Winter Study by Nevada Barr. Dave read it first and he said it was not the sort of book one wanted to be alone on a winters night to read. It is about wolves.

We leave Monday mDSC00609orning as soon as the water is turned off, the hot water tank drained and anti-freeze put down the sinks and toilets. The electricity will be turned off and away we go. We are stopping briefly in Prince George and will overnight somewhere en route to the  border, where we will overnight before crossing into the US first thing on the 25th. I hope they don’t make us unpack everything but we know they have to do their job so we will aim for a good attitude.

We plan to drive down the I5 to Redding California and then turn east travelling via Reno and on to Las Vegas on our way to Phoenix and then down south to Nogales. We have allowed  a couple of extra days than we originally planned so we can take our time. It is a very long way to travel but we are so looking forward to getting on the road. We will cross into Mexico on December 1st.  It is a four hour drive down to San Carlos from the border. This picture is of the San Carlos marina and where I will be hanging out the following morning having coffee. 


Jeni said...

Just two things here -first, wish you could make a drastic swing easterly -like make it to Penna. and come pick me up, take me with you as that Marina looks really, REALLY inviting.
And second -I LOVE a man with dishpan hands. However, never was lucky enough to find one who had that trait. (Or who could put up with me for that matter too!)

TechnoBabe said...

I can hear the excitement in your writing now that the time is almost here for you to hit the road. I would be too. Sounds like you have your list dwindling down to the last few tasks. It will be fun to hear about the trip and where you stay on the way to Mexico. Of course we all will be a teensy bit envious of you spending your winter on Mexico, but mostly we are happy for you.

SilverNeurotic said...

I'm so glad your getting out of that snow! Have a safe trip down to Mexico.

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness...all that snow!!! Hope you enjoy your months down Mexico way ;)....I tried to read the Nevada Barr books but never could quite get through any of them. Take plenty of books with you!!!

troutbirder said...

Good luck that's quite a contrast! Perhaps we stay in Minnesota because of the four seasons. Of course the motto here is if you don't like the weather wait till tommorow. Winter is a bit long though. :)

MomsJournal said...

Oh lucky you! Are you spending the whole winter in Mexico?

Karen said...

Safe trip, Bernie!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It will be a lovely drive. Have a safe trip.

We are still waiting for Winter here. It has been mild. Usually, the first signs of Winter would be here by now. Could we be having a green Christmas? I doubt it!

jmb said...

Have a wonderful trip Berni. You must be so looking forward to getting away from the snow.
Drive safely and carefully and hope to hear you here again soon.

Brenda said...

Hope you have a great trip, weather is great here; but bring a light jacket for the evenings.
Drive safely.

ellen said...

I joined the camera critters. Hope you can find time to visit my very first entry to this meme. Thank you and God bless. Indeed a blessing to see you around.