Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cactus forest and other news

Took a short drive on the way we saw this cactus forest. We noticed on the drive down through Arizona that many of the cactus were propped up, I have heard that some are endangered.

We came to a fishing village which was badly affected by the tropical storm that came through here in September. People are slowly getting their lives back together but there is a great deal of poverty. 

We were told that many little creatures like geckos and other insect eating animals where swept out to sea and many pools of water are still drying out so the mosquitoes maybe bad this year. Also during the storm birds where dropping out of trees as their feathers where sodden. People were collecting them and putting them where they could possibly dry out. 

We also located a Mexican friend we had made last year, Julio. We had asked him what he would like us to bring him from Canada and he wanted Spanish Bibles for his church as lots of folk could not afford a bible so we brought twenty down with us. He had also taken a shine to the bible program Dave had shown him on the laptop last time we were here so I got him a copy with a Spanish edition also. It is freeware so it was no cost to me. It is a very good one called e-sword. He also wanted a special fishing hook he couldn't find here, so today we dropped them off and he was so appreciative.

Julio is going to help Dave find a place to put in his boat. The places that Dave had thought to put in the boat were destroyed in the storm and are in the process of being fixed so we have been hunting for another but Julio says we can use the one near the house he is working at as he has the key to the ramp.

Internet still iffy but I am typing offline and when it does come on briefly I am sending emails. So this post is sent to my blog via email also. I have to see if Facebook has that capability I am sure it does. 


Joy said...

The cactus forest is so cool.

Bless Julio's heart. That is so sweet he wanted Bibles for his church. If they need more let me know and maybe we can get more down there.

♥ Joy

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The cacti are very interesting. They don't look strong enough to survive the hurricanes in the area.

It is nice to be able to do small things that are appreciated by people for whom it is not such a small thing.