Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

We are having a good time in the sun. When you come for this long it isn't really a vacation in that we don't go rushing around playing tourist. I go for a walk in the morning between 7 and 8 when it is still cool and then I just do whatever needs doing much as I would in Granisle.

Dave has volunteered his time three days a week to work with a group helping Mexicans build themselves homes in a village nearby, San Jose de Guaymas. Their homes were destroyed in September when a tropical storm blew through and at least one old lady of 80 is still living under a tree although a tent has been offered to her now. Nearly six foot of water deluged the village and there are still huge puddles there as the ground cannot absorb any more. Amazingly only one person lost his life and that is because he refused to leave his home. A lot of money has come in from different groups to buy the supplies and the Mexicans are building their own homes with help from the volunteers. Last week the Vice-Mayor of Guaymas visited the site and asked what they needed most and he was told cement so he arranged for 400 bags to be delivered, the men were very excited about that as it meant they could really get going. Mostly Dave is putting in doors and windows and some roofing or things the locals don't know how to do. It is very basic a one room brick hut with two windows and a door but it is better than nothing. Then as they can afford it the owner can build onto it. There is electricity but no plumbing so a communal bathroom has been set up for now. You can see a few tents in the pictures which were supplied by the Rotary and when each home is built the tents will be returned so they can be used again in some other emergency.

At the other extreme we toured a house that is being built in San Carlos it is huge and right on the beach. This is the palapa an outdoor room with BBQ and cooler for drinks.

That's me in the hat talking to Julio the friend we made last time we were here. We brought Spanish bibles down for his church. He said people were too poor to buy their own. He also lost some of his things during the storm but is recovering. His computer was damaged and it sounded pretty old anyway. I had brought him down a bible study program with a Spanish version which he admired on my laptop earlier this year but unfortunately he is now unable to use it. He said he makes about $28 a day and really has to work for that and he is pretty well paid as he can turn his hand to most things, speaks fluent English and is well known amongst the English speaking community. That ugly thing now on view on the beach is where a lot of the water came up. It is a water purification unit but is not working properly right now and sure spoils the view from this house but no doubt the fellow who owns the house will get it looking okay soon and working again.

Anyway I hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hardly realize it is Christmas here as no hype, no glitter and no Santa Claus. It is wonderful.



janeywan said...

Must be very rewarding to help out with those folks that lost everything. Bet they still have a smile on their faces and barely complain about any thing.

Merry Christmas and have a safe journey home when ever that time comes, if I remember correctly, it won't be for several months yet.

Jeni said...

Boy, quite the comparison there from that opulence in the one place to the 1 room block homes! That's really fantastic though that Dave is able -and willing -to give of himself and his time to help these folks rebuild!
Enjoy the weather -and hope you both have a wonderful holiday down there. Peace, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God Jul!

jmb said...

What a wonderful thing Dave is doing but then how can you look on and not help.

Have a wonderful Christmas in the south Berni and I hope 2010 brings you all that you wish for.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is a different world where you are. I have family and friends in Australia and they celebrate Christmas in the heat on the beach with the barbie. They have their own nutty Christmas songs which speaks to their life style and history. I am surprised there are no Christmas decorations and celebration where you are. I guess the gringos were willing to leave all that behind.

Danielle said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You!!! What a wonderful contribution your husband is making in the lives of others. Isn't it wonderful not to be a "tourist" but to enjoy each day at your leisure??

Dorothy said...

Wishing you a beautiful trip and success with the homes which are trying to be rebuilt.

Dorothy from grammology