Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pelicans were a lot of fun to watch

This afternoon we walked around the marina, a favourite spot with us. Fishermen had come in and were cleaning their catch. There were Mackerel and what looked like a small Grouper. The pelicans where everywhere and they were a lot of fun to watch as they caught the pieces the fishermen didn't want. One pelican was really aggressive and took another pelican in a head hold for at least 20 minutes trying to get it to give up its fish. Even seagulls were pecking at one of the pelican's pouch under its bill as it was sticking out with so much food in it. We had a real chuckle at some of their antics.

Lovely warm day 26C/79F so it is amusing to us to see some people with padded coats, scarves and hats on. We are in Tshirts and shorts. Of course it gets about 35 - 40 degrees hotter in summer so I guess they do feel it cold. We are certainly not missing our weather at home which is having a really cold spell right now  -33C/-27.4F overnight. I am ever so slowly toasting to a pale gold just by walking, so I should be making lots of the good Vitamin D which I have been sadly lacking up north. My cold is very much better but Dave has it now. I made him eat extra amounts of garlic in his dinner tonight, not that he minds, as it is a natural anti-biotic, but I might be sleeping on the couch tonight. LOL


Joy said...

Glad you are feeling better. It has been cold here in Texas too.

Sorry hubby got it.

Glad your getting some good doses of Vita D.


Danielle said...

I have been enjoying your chronicling of adventures down Mexico way. Aren't the pelicans unbelievable??? They get crazy down by the pier here when the fisherman begin fileting their catch of the day. ;)

TechnoBabe said...

And you aren't being snacked upon by the flies up there by where you live.
Glad you are getting some sun and feeling well.