Friday, December 11, 2009

San Jose

Dave went out with some other men today to see what is being done in a small village near here called San Jose. It experienced a lot of damage when a tropical storm came through in September. Many people were left homeless. There are people from many varied walks of life helping out. Dave was working with a lawyer from Arizona who comes down for the winter each year and likes to help with various projects. Another American is married to a Mexican woman and lives here full time giving a lot of his time to these causes. We are living across from him and he always has building materials being delivered for various projects. Apparently over $190,000 has been donated towards rebuilding the area. In San Carlos itself there is ongoing work to the roads that were damaged but it is happening slow but surely, also on the main highway where it was washed away there has been a lot of road work. Dave said he saw huge swathes of blacktop that had been swept away on the sides of the road.

We went into Guaymas today to do some shopping. Guaymas is about a 15 minute drive from San Carlos where we are staying. We tried a new store that we were told about. It was fantastic. It sold everything from vehicle tires to baby clothes. It has a large food department, restaurant, pharmacy and electronics. I did not think the fridges,stoves and other appliances where that expensive at all, cheaper than Canada and looked good. The only disappointment were the bathrooms they still were not up to our standards. We were told a Walmart store will be built by next August and that the town is growing very fast.

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